2 • 23.5

Okay, here is the update from our 3rd game. We lost. The 1st half was a disaster. Players not in the correct position, goalie not picking up the ball inside the goalie box, forwards playing too far back and when we finally got the ball on the opposing side of the field, our mid-fielders wouldn’t attempt to get open to help our forwards make a play.

This Loss I am not going to blame it on the kids. I’ll take the blame. Maybe I’m not teaching the right fundamentals or maybe I’m not being hard enough. I don’t know. I feel like the bad news bears, of course before they got good. We are going to practice tomorrow and focus on nothing but fundamentals. It sucks that we can only have 8 players on the field so I usually have 3 on the bench. The only way I can give my forward and mid-fielders a break is to sub or move someone from Defense up.

I don’t know. The score tonight was 4-0. I am making a promise to myself that I will coach these kids to win at least 2 games this season. I hate to see the look of defeat on their faces. I’m sure the parents are talking shit behind my back, but are too afraid to say it to my face. It’s all good. As I said before we will get it together. How can I call myself the Black Nick Saban of soccer if I can’t teach my team to win?


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