The Reign Just Started

Those that don’t like or really care for College Football, I highly suggest you don’t read this post. I really didn’t think that I needed to address this issue, but I need to nip this in the bud right now. “You can’t hop in the ring because you think you can box.”-Unknown

I’ll start at the top and make my way to the last team that “thinks” they have what it takes to take on the King of College Football.

#2 Oregon – Fast paced offense, they like to play uptempo. That can be tamed. As everyone saw what Auburn did to them in 2010. Need I say more?

#3 Florida State – Yes, you have found a new Charlie Ward. Just like Oregon, you guys like to also like to play fast paced, but seriously ask yourselves can any “Top Quality” ACC team handle playing an SEC Top Quality team? Honestly, I don’t think so. Truthfully, I think Ohio State is playing better football than you guys are and should be the #2 or #3 team. Just my opinion.

#5 Baylor – I still can’t believe they are even ranked as high as they are. They haven’t shown me anything spectacular. They will fall.

#7 Miami – Florida State will take care of them, enough said.

#’s 8, 9 & 10 – I will take care of in one statement. Overrated! Auburn, I will say that, they have made an awesome turn around with Gus Malzahn coming back. Clemson, overrated ACC team and Missouri, in the top 10 really? Who’s looking at these teams?

I did all that yapping to say this, it’s TOO much talking of who’s going to be the team to knock off Alabama and talking about our scheduling. The same goes for all the teams listed above. When all of you schools collectively can put together 15 National Championships then you can talk all you want, until then, I don’t need to hear any noise from the peanut gallery.

Before any of you that are fans of the teams listed above and you want to send your goons to take care of me, it’s all in fun. Please keep that in mind. Myself nor any of you are getting paid to play or analyze these teams so it’s just smack talk. I’m not willing to lose any good friends to smack talk. If you can’t take it, then please just keep it to yourself. It’s all for the love of the game. We will go undefeated this year, have no clue who we are going to beat in the SEC Championship game, because the SEC East team are NOT playing as true SEC teams should. Pure disappointment.

Again, it’s just smack talk and for the love of the game. It’s not that serious folks. Just adding my two cents because I felt like it.



Tonight was my last soccer game. I was happy, but sad all at the same time. I was happy, because I get to rest a little from being a head coach and play the assistant for a little. I was sad because I actually enjoyed being around these kids. They taught me a lot about myself and all that yada-yada! No we didn’t win 1 game this season, but out of the 11 players that I had, 10 were happy either way. The last one has some anger issues, but his Dad was my assistant coach, so his Dad had him taken care of.

If it weren’t for him and another parent that has coached before, I would have been up shit creek without a paddle. Yes, I did coach last year, but the kids were older, so they already knew the fundamentals and could coach themselves, and let me also mention that we lost every game except the last one, which I couldn’t share with them because I was sick. People always say they could coach better than so and so until they are put in that position. I sure got a wake up call last year and this year. It’s hard to see potential in someone and bring it out of them. While I was in the Army it was easy, you just made them do it until they finally realized hey, I need to do this and like it or I’m going to be forced to do it. You can’t do that in that civilian world.

You can’t talk to children like you’re talking to another adult, you have to first break it down in your head, put it together before you say it then say it. Yes, I’ve had 10 years of practice with my own children, but that’s a different bond. I can talk to them any kind of way I want, but I don’t because why would I treat them that way just so they get treated like that in public? I treat my children with the upmost respect as should any parent, but boundaries need to be set so they know when it’s play time or this is something serious.

Okay, back to the subject of this post. I also had to pick 4 players for the All-Star team, which was easy and hard at the same time. I wish I could recommend them all just for their effort and putting up with me for the entire season, but you can’t do that. You pick them for the “All-Star” because they are the best on your team. I picked my two girls, before you jump to conclusions, the Coach for the All-Star team asked for them by name, so put that in your pipe and smoke it! BOWWW!!!

I’m at awe when I see my children do the things they do. It’s crazy. I missed so much and I am now just barely getting caught up. I can say the last time my girls played soccer was in Germany, 2008, and they were 4 and 5 years old. The only thing I focused on during practice was fundamentals. Some of the more experienced players hated it because they thought it was boring, but I said I’m the Head Coach so do it. I tried doing awesome drills, but if you can’t dribble or pass the correct way, then how are we as a team supposed to move on to more advanced drills? Last year, I said that I WOULD NEVER COACH AGAIN, but my girls wanted to play so I said that this is an opportunity for me to bond with my kids. They already have the bond with Mom, but now it’s Dads turn. It’s a great feeling.

The other two players I chose, the 1st one was a no brainer, his mother coached the All-Star team in a neighboring county for I think 3 years or something like that. This kid is the exact kid you would want on your team. Before our 1st game, during practice he told me that he’s played defense and he didn’t care where he played so I said I wanted him to play defense. Not only can he play defense, he can play mid-fielder and forward. He played wherever I needed him and did not complain. Awesome kid. His parents have taught him all the right things sportsmanship and all that. Of course this is the kid of the parent that coached an All-Star team.

The second kid I picked, the coach didn’t want him, because of his attitude and he plays waaaay too aggressive and with that type of play he is going to get a red card. My alternate that I had I really didn’t want him to play, because he showed up to my 1st practice and last one. I’m not sure if it was his parents couldn’t get him there or what, but he can play. He can be a ball hog at times and picks the worst time to either call for the ball or pass the ball. He has the skill to be a great player.

Being on the All-Star team the player and the parent sign the All-Star contract. We have 12 slots with 3 on stand-by. If you don’t show up to a practice without it being excused by the head coach, your done. This is “Big Boy/Girl play and rules now. Slide tackling and all that stuff you can’t do at Rec Level it’s allowed. Single elimination. The head coach of this team is awesome. His kids are unbelievable. Daughter doing bicycle kicks, she’s 10! His son is small, but quick as hell can dribble, cut, stop on a dime, his foot may be small, but he can boot it the length of the field. I really believe if he tried he could score from goal to goal. It makes me sick the way he plays.

I know that at the beginning of the season I put out that my goal was for the kids to give 100% and have fun, but deep down I wanted so bad for them to win. We had the potential, just couldn’t get on the same page. I’m on the sideline screaming like a mad man, but as you see by the number of games they won how effective that was. Maybe it was me, maybe I wasn’t was trying to make sure all my players got playing time and not worrying about the overall team. I will say that at the beginning of the season I called myself the “Black Nick Saban” right now my overall record is 1-15. It took Nick some time to come up with the “PROGRESS” it didn’t happen overnight. My domination is coming. I just have to be patient and play my role. It will happen. It may take 3 seasons or 30, but it WILL happen.

Let’s get serious, I enjoyed teaching kids that have never played the game before to understanding the concept, fundamentals and what good sportsmanship looks like and what bad sportsmanship looks like. I now have to get ready to be the assistant and soak up every single piece of soccer knowledge the Head Coach is going to put out there. My girls are going to be complaining, but to be the best, you have to train and work with the best. I know the saying doesn’t go like that, but guess what? I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!!

Time to get my girls in the right mind frame for the hell they are going to encounter. They’ve seen how the Head Coach coaches during softball season and a little taste of soccer. I told them, they will not quit. I also told them if I see them slacking off and not pulling there own weight and they want to whine and complain then I will take them off the team. We will see how this rides out. I will most definitely keep you guys updated.




I’m watching this movie on the Discovery Channel called American Blackout. Pretty much it’s talking about doomsday in America. Some cyber terrorists send the America power grid into a frenzy. So there is no power anywhere in the United States unless you have a power generator with a supply of gas to keep it running or went old school with a fire to stay warm at night or candles to keep your house lit. There is looting going on, fighting to the death for food and all types of crazyness. Just think about Hurricane Katrina in 2005 on steroids.

As I have said before that I do believe that the world will come to an end and I’m sure that times like this will eventually happen, but there is no way for anyone on this planet that can predict it. People have been saying that we are in those times now, but how can they truthfully say that? Because we are using the last of the fossil fuels are being used up and people say that the hole in the ozone layer is getting bigger? People, I want everyone of you readers to read this statement and believe it, this planet was never meant to be forever. It will come to an end and there is only one person who knows when that will happen and that is God Almighty or whatever you call him in your religion.

It will happen and no one knows the hour or day. You will NOT be able to predict it. Yes the world is in turmoil, but hasn’t there always been something that man couldn’t control since the dawn of man? Live your life people. When that day happens it doesn’t matter how much “prepping” you’ve done that will keep you alive. We as a people need to start being smarter. I’m not saying you have to go to church and be holier than your neighbor.

Live each day that the man up stairs give you the chance to wake up and do your best to live right. I don’t want you to take this as me preaching to you, but instead of coming up with a reason to stockpile your food and ammo. I know some of you know it all about the bible will mention the famine back in biblical times, but didn’t the Man upstairs make do for everyone and not just for his flock?

As I have said in previous posts that I do believe that this world is going to come to an end, but I say it again and I stand firm on this NO PERSON ON THIS EARTH know the time or day this world or “doomsday” will happen. If you have read the bible, particularly the book of Revelation, you can read about the God will bring this world to end.

I’m not trying to preach to you all I am trying to do is let you know to live your life in the most positive way possible and treat people as you would like to be treated.


No Name Post!

What’s the deal peeps? Okay here’s the skinny……I was sick and felt like s***, but now I’m back and i am back at 85%. Slowly, but surely I’ll get back at it. I didn’t post yesterday and this isn’t really a post, so I apologize. Oh yeah, the Alabama Crimson Tide is 8-0! Hell Yeah!!!!

Tomorrow I promise I will talk about something worth reading. A playa been unda da weatha ya feel me!

Tujuh puluh empat

This next statement that I am going to make may send me to jail for 1,000 years or open up some eyes. Here in the Great ol’ United States of America, it’s easier to find and buy an illegal gun than it is to find any evidence of weapons of mass destructions, indications of a dictatorship or come up with a solution to terrorism in our own country. It’s very disheartening when you turn on the television you hear of a local man, woman or child killed in some senseless violence than you do from our government setting a country free from a dictator or actually detecting and destroying a terror cell in the United States. Yes, I may be over-exaggerating a little but it’s the truth.

Our elected leaders would rather go to countries that have the ability to make “nice” with the countries that have the ability to make chemical, biological or nuclear weapons than doing what they are supposed to do and run this fucking country. We went to Vietnam and what was the outcome? Tens of thousands military (all branches included) and civilians because of what? I’m 33 years old and I am not afraid to ask the question why we went into Vietnam. There was the cold war against Russia and a resolution came out of that, but the American President at the time took all the credit for that. Not that he had a military on stand by to fuck shit up or Russian knowing the fact, because they had spies here too, that with one push of a button, or several turns of a key at the same time, that we could send that whole country back in the stone age.

I live in the south and you don’t see it often, if you need me to say that statement again for you I will, here in the south you don’t see homelessness as much as you see in bigger cities, because they leave their small town, USA going to a place that will eat you alive and spit you out, but what does our government do about it? Nothing. It’s crazy that the country right above us can give all their citizens free healthcare, but we are fighting to make “Obamacare” the norm here in the United States. Why does the leaders of our great country have the United States priorities in the wrong order? I’ve said it many times in previous posts and I will continue to say it until I see positive change for our country. I know that I may never get to see the America that our fore fathers wanted, but I pray to God that my children do at least before they die.

I can rant about this all day, but what is it going to prove? Not a damn thing. I’m just another Blogger fed up with being the laughing stock of the world. You think that over 100 people and their assistants with their assistants could come together and agree upon something that will get the modern America moving in the right direction, but as you see day to day, it’s the same thing. All the major networks want to bash the president for the job he is doing. I’m not saying that I am not guilty of that, but when you sit back and look at the big picture, who actually runs America? Our Congress, but they point their fingers at each other or the president, because they are not willing to stand up as men and women and take the blame for something that they did. Will it take more Radical Islamist to come up with a bomb using simple everyday items to open the eyes of the American People before we start making our government do what they were sworn to do and do everything in their power to “protect and defend” us Americans?

I’m just frustrated with this whole Government Shutdown thing (I don’t even know if our government is still shut down). Which of the Countries in this world would actually shut their government down because congress couldn’t come up with a resolution for medical care for the American People. I bet if the American people had the right to fire you, just like we had the right to hire (vote) you in, I bet things would look a lot better. I know that people talk about these issues all the time, but can’t do anything about it, because the government is just going to send some murdered out (all blacked out) SUV’s to your house and kidnap you and your family, force you to take new identities, if they are being nice or kill you. It’s crazy that the United States of America is a Super Power, but we are powerless. If you read that statement and don’t understand it, then don’t worry about it, because you never will.

I will end with this, if my girls are blessed to see the age 70 and have grandkids, I really hope that the American we live in today will be the past and not the present.




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I know as well you guys do that I should not be stemming about my daughter being called a (B)itch. For some reason, I just can’t let this go. What makes the situation even worse, this same kid that called her that, lives in our same neighborhood. Of course when is riding his mini dirt bike around the neighborhood unattended and he receives a minor or major then this same couple is going to want some help and support from the rest us. I will do the good samaritan thing and do whatever I have to do to make sure the kid is okay, but I will not do anymore than that. 

Why I am pissed about it is during the summer he and a couple of his friends had those decorative rocks you put in flower beds, and he and a couple of kids from the neighborhood were using them as baseballs hitting the side of my house. The first time I went out there no one had anything in their hands, but I had a reason to be on the side of the house because I need to change out the lights exterior lights on the corners of the house. I walk back in the house and my youngest daughter comes to me while I was in the garage and said, “Daddy I can still heard that noise.” I picked up my ladder and walked through the house to use the backdoor this time and caught them red handed. The person that had the bat in his hand and getting ready to hit my house with another rock, was yep, you guessed the little punk that called my daughter a (B)itch.

The first thing I asked him was does he pay mortgage at this address? He replied No. I then asked did his parents pay mortgage at this address and again he replied no. I then asked him what was the purpose of hitting the side of my house, he confidently says that I’m not able to do it at my house and we can’t do it at my next door neighbors house because the siding of their house is not brick. I then asked him so the best idea you could come up with was to use my house, he didn’t say a word. I told him that if I catch him or any of the other kids doing something of this nature, it’s going to be a long day for them and their parents, because the next time or an issue like this happens, I was going to call the police (at the time I really wasn’t seriously going to actually call the cops, but after the recent events, that’s the best idea). 

That’s why it makes me so mad that my wife and I work so hard instill values, morals and integrity into our girls. Yes, telling the truth might hurt that person for a little while, but they would eventually get over it. Now if you lie and that same person you lied to finds out that you lied, now that person is mad at you for lying to them and the situation that happened and you could possibly lose some really good friends for a single. It used to hurt my oldest daughter that whenever she told her friends the truth they would get made at her and she would get upset and cry, but now she couldn’t care less. She’s grown up and matured to a certain point whether you like me who I am or don’t like me at all. My wife and I are very proud that she is like that. She doesn’t take shit from nobody.

In the end, all I wanted for this kid to do is tell me the truth, but now I won’t believe a word from him or his coach, because his coach tried to make me apologize because I accused him of calling her a (B)itch. I know what I heard and who it was directed at. I will not only do it for my players, but for the opposing team as well, because at the end of the day, it’s Recreation Soccer and everybody on the field volunteered to participate, so why not just have fun and make some new friends along the way. Maybe my thought process is different from a lot of adults, but I always tried to make sure my team knew that when the game stopped being fun for them, I gave them the option to no longer come to practices or show up for games, but I did say at the beginning of the season that if you don’t practice you don’t play. Because we weren’t winning games, I didn’t  need a toxic person like that who could possibly influence other players to think that same say. As of right now, we are 0-4, but that doesn’t matter to my kids, most of them it was their 1st year playing the sport and we have made a TON of significant strides from day 1 practice to date. I’m proud of these guys. It’s also an awesome feeling to be recommend 4 of them for the All-Star team.

With all that rambling being said, if you as readers have children or planning on having some in the future, please do them a favor and instill the right set of morals, values and most of all integrity, because it will take them a long way in life. In today’s culture it’s very hard for us REGULARS to find and keep friends that are life-long. Let us as REGULARS, start with our own children so that by the time they are our age, they are making positive changings in this world and someday it will become a better place.

(You like how I put that Michael Jackson lyric there at the end.) I know I’m awesome so you don’t have to tell me!!


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Pitumput Dalawa (Tagalog or Filipino)

Today has been a tug of war inside of me about my Blog. Why I have been thinking like that is because I didn’t think I was getting the support I thought I was getting and another reason is, because looking at my stats page, it’s disheartening. I know that when I first started this blog, I said that I wasn’t going to be worried about numbers or try to gain any notoriety from this. But let’s be real, you want to be good at whatever you do and if you have to change up the strategy then it is what it is, I would love to have good numbers, but that isn’t going to be the topic of today’s post.

Today I want to talk about my girls. Last softball season, my oldest made the All-star team, my youngest would made the All-star team if they had one for her age group, but they didn’t have a coach that could commit the time it took to get the players ready. We could have asked if my youngest daughter could have played up, but we didn’t because we see that she needs to work on some fundamentals. I’m not all saying that my oldest daughter is the best player on the team, but what amazes me, this was there 1st year playing Softball and they put 100% into it. During the season my youngest daughter only struck out twice and my oldest only struck out three times. A lot of it was the umpire because me and a lot of the parents on both team that he wasn’t being consistent with the pitching while using the pitching machine. During the All-Star team, the kids got creamed on all 4 games they played. I and a lot of the parents said that it was due to pitching an and how he coached that he stacked the team with his “star” players and picked only the fast players from our team., which is unfair because quality players probably never play again. Our (Amya’s Softball coach) was like why are you picking this person and he replied because they are quick. Yes, Amya isn’t that fast, but she can hit and get on base. Her coach told him that and he reluctantly picked her.

The assistant was teaching the players the wrong stances and how to field the ball in the out field. My oldest played Right-Field and the assistant was telling her that she is to sprint behind the 1st basemen. I could understand if you had her playing shallow, but you had her playing deep, so by the time she got there the runner was already at second or third base. Myself and my wife told her (Amya) if they have you playing deep, you will not be sprinting from deep right to back up the 1st  baseman. I explained to the coach and he played Amya playing deep why didn’t he just have the pitcher sprint to the base, made more since to me and other parents except for the child’s parent (because it only made sense, because she wasn’t playing the traditional pitcher, hell in high school , College and Professional Baseball/Softball played this way) I and a lot of the parents said that makes sense. I wouldn’t argue with a coach about this issue, because the coach and assistant coach knew what they were talking about. Another thing, after the games they lost, all he did was tell them what they did wrong. Come on dude, this is Recreation Softballk with a pitching Machine; we got beat by 20+ points in each game. That last game we played, my oldest daughters coach and made a recommendation and he did it. Putting the right players in the right place.Yeah the score was 21-9, but at least we started scoring so the morale of the team went up.

Okay, I’ve said all that to say this, the girls are playing soccer. My oldest daughter is playing in her right league, but my youngest is playing up, which I am proud off. She is playing defense and plays her position well. My oldest daughter is playing offense, she’s a forward along with another kid and I have my mid-fielders playing up so once the ball is on their side of the field, they have a person to pass to, but the coaches son thinks he can do what he wants and he has a bad attitude. With all that both of my girls made the All-Star Soccer Team. They might not start, while talking to the coach of the All-Star team. He is a great coach. He also coaches a traveling team all year, but this is the time when they get a break or most of their games are local. I know some of you are thinking that I recommended my girls because they are my children, but I told them at the beginning of the season that if you give 100% at practice and during the game I will not recommend them for the All-star team, but they proved Dad wrong and gave 110%. After practice, both of my daughters take a lap around the soccer field working on their speed and dribbling. They did this without me telling them. I’m so proud of them. After we play our first game of course I will let you guys know. Just another episode of a REGULARS life.




In today’s post I will be talking about trends. Some of us may be guilty of some of the trends I talk about, but it’s okay, because no one can tell you what to wear or how to wear it. Its that ,”Style” or “trend” that makes you, you. According to Webster’s Dictionary a trend is: 1 a :  to extend in a general direction :  follow a general course; b :  to veer in a new direction; 2 a :  to show a tendency; b :  to become deflected. Here are some examples of trend, according to Webster’s Dictionary: During the winter our school system trends toward canceling school at the drop of a hat—or at least a snowflake; The river trends east, then west again, forming an oxbow.

So according to Webster’s Dictionary when we use the word “trend” we are talking about to extend in a general direction and to follow a general course, basically you are following what is going on at that time. You are trying to be like everybody else. I know that the “trend” that a lot of people talk about is about fashion. I’m not going blog about fashion, because I don’t have know enough about fashion. What I am going do is point out some “trends” that individuals are following now.

  • The first trend I will talk about is one that I am guilty of. The trend I am talking about is leaving stickers on hats. After you buy the hat, you keep it as is. You don’t take anything off of the hat. The hat always looks like you just bought it. I am guilty of this. Why? I don’t know, I just like to leave the stickers on my hat. Sally always points it out whether it be in person or in a picture and she spots the price of the hat. I can’t explain why I don’t take the stickers off, it’s just what I do. I will forever keep the stickers on my hat, because they’re my hats and it’s what I do. If you don’t like it, I don’t care! It’s just like back in the 90’s whenever someone bought a starter hat, the price tag was attached to the outside of the hat and people never took it off, because it was the trend of that era. I can say that I never bought a starter hat, but if I did, I would’ve definitely taken the price tag off.
  • The second trend I will talk about is a trend I don’t understand. Why in the world are grown ass men wearing skinny jeans? Not only are grown ass me wearing them, they are sagging them. Why? Can anyone answer this question for me? I can say this: YOU WILL NEVER, EVER SEE ME, JARED GOBER, WEARING SKINNY JEANS. I don’t care if someone offered me a large sum of money to put them on, nope, not happening. I don’t understand it and will probably never understand it.
  • The third trend I will talk about is Twerking. All you are doing is shaking your rear end really fast. Why do you do it? It’s not only girls doing it, men are doing it too. I always see a vine video or a video on youtube of someone twerking whether it be a man or a woman. Why has this become so popular? Can someone answer that question for me? Is it because Miley Cyrus is shaking what she think is a butt, is doing it? I personally think it is ridiculous. The only time I ever saw this was in a strip club. Yes, in my younger days, while at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, I went to my share of strip clubs, but that’s not the issue right now. It went from the strip club to trending on every social site you follow.
  • The fourth trend I will talk about, well in certain parts of the United States it’s not a trend, but apart of a culture. I’m talking about Dreads. I don’t understand why everybody wants Dreads. Some people are doing it because they see other people do it, but don’t know the reason why they want them. In some cultures there are many reasons among various cultures for wearing Dreadlocks. Dreadlocks can be an expression of deep religious or spiritual convictions, ethnic pride, a political statement, or be simply a fashion preference. In response to the derogatory history of the term dreadlocks, an alternative name for the style is locks.
  • The fifth and last trend I will talk about I am also guilty of. I’m talking about the use of the hastag. I know that people that are my friends on Facebook know that I do a lot of hastaging on Saturdays while watching the Alabama Crimson Tide lay the smack down on their opponents. I know that it’s a trend that will fade away or people will get tired of you using it and will tell you to stop using the damn hashtag! #ROLLDAMNTIDE! I had to do it; it was only right.

If you have trends that you want to add to this list, please feel free to add then in the comment section on this Blog or on Facebook. I would love to hear about other trends. I know there are more trends out there, I just wanted to cover the ones that I always see and encounter on a day to day basis. As I said, if you know more trends, feel free to add them in the comment section or on my Facebook.

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Today I was going to write about chronic pain and how the VA doesn’t really care about you and your pain, because through the years a lot of people have screwed it up so unless that limb or disk in your back isn’t falling off then they want you to make an appointment and when you finally get the chance to make an appointment it’s 3 months out. They only take it serious when you take matters in your own hands and start emailing the right people, but I’m not going to write about that, but enough about that and let’s get into the subject of today’s post.

I was on Facebook earlier today and just so happened to read a friends status and it inspired me to write about how we as human beings take life for granted. We automatically think that we are going to wake up and see the next day. Everyday, there is a person some where in this world that wasn’t able to get up this morning.

This is what that friend wrote that inspired me to write, I’m not going to put the whole post on here just a portion that gave me the inspiration to write this post: I know we all have things going on in our own personal lives, that occupy our time & as a result, it puts a distance in between you, family & friends. But, we never know when our time will come to return to the essence, so try your best to reach out to those ppl who are close to you, when you can. Because one day you will try to reach out & they won’t be able to reach back.

We expect the man up stairs for those that believe in God or a higher power or whatever you believe in (I’m not here to spark a religious debate) to wake us up to see tomorrow. No one knows and there is no calculator or psychic that can tell when your time is up or tell you when it’s your time. It’s crazy how you see many people advertise that by reading the palm of your hand, they can tell how long you are going to live or they take out a stack of cards with pictures on them that this person throws on a table and the one she picks up is going to tell you what your life is going to be in the future. GTFOH! I know that I have talked about this already in a previous post, but not this deep.

I know it’s difficult to keep in touch with all of your relatives, but with the invention of the computer and the internet that should make it a little easier. Some older people don’t like to mess with computers and really don’t know how to use them. Keep in mind that I said, “Some” not all. If you’re not close enough to your relatives, meaning distance, whenever you call home, let your family that you keep in touch with, tell that person, ie. Grandmother/Grandfather Aunt, Uncle, that you were thinking about that person and you would like the person you keep in touch with, to let that person know that you said hi or that they were on your mind.

I said all that to say this, as I stated in my previous post on this subject, you never know when your time will come so you should live everyday as if it was your last. I don’t know if a lot of you pray or what type of relationship you have with whoever your higher being is, but I urge you to pray and repent (repent is to feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one’s wrongdoing or sin) and make things right between you and your higher being, so that your life is spared and he blesses you to see another day. Don’t take close friends and family for granted, because you never know when your higher power will call them home.



六十九 (ろくじゅうきゅう)

You see a kid in your neighbor hood and you are sitting on your porch watching your kids play. This kid is riding his bike up and down the street. Keep in that this kid doesn’t have any supervision from his parents. This kid gets hit by a car or he falls off his bike and gets hurt, would it be your obligation to call 911? Yes, it would, because of the good Samaritan Law so you would be obligated to call 911. As soon as the Ambulance and Police arrive, let them know that you were a witness and explain to the police officer on the scene that this kid was riding his bike up and down and also was riding in the middle of the street, without any supervision from his parents.

I know some of you readers are probably saying that I am blaming his parents because they were not watching their kid. I’m not trying to blame it on the parents, the point that I am trying to make is that parents should care enough about their kids that they would at least peek out the window or door and see what they are doing. I always make sure that when my girls are playing outside, I check on them about every 10 minutes or I just sit on the porch and turn on some music or read a book, not only to make sure that they are not riding in the middle of the street, but they’re some sick individuals out there that could do harm to a child.

It’s crazy that you have to take precautions like this, because of the sick individuals, drunk drivers, etc. I’m hope that by this point in my Blog Post, that you understand the point I am trying to get you to understand. If you haven’t, this is what I am trying to get you to understand. As a parent it’s your duty to make sure the safety of your child/children and not your neighbors, so I feel that if you can’t do this as a parent you should be sent to jail because obviously you don’t care for the safety or well being so why should you be allowed to keep your child/children? I know a lot of you will not agree with this post, but hey I don’t care. If you have a problem or questions, I am open to negative or positive feedback. I’ll be patiently waiting for any response.