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Today is my 3rd Soccer game of the season. Right now we are 0-2. The last game was a disaster, because my mid-fielders and forwards were all gravitating to the ball. My Defense is doing well, because I have a player that has played that position for a number of years, so he knows where to position the other players on defense, which is a plus. Last game it got to the point where my Defensive Captain was playing like a forward. He would keep the ball from going towards the goal, then he would take off and start maneuvering towards the opponents goal. He did this because the forwards and mid-fielders were not doing their jobs. I kept screaming for my forwards to stay closer to mid-field so in the case the goalie punts the ball we have a chance to get it and score.

So far this season we have only scored 2 goals. I have one kid that is extremely fast and can dribble, knows all the basics and I want him to be the Captain and take control and position players where he needs them, but he wants to play goalie. I explained to him that if we are ever down by 2 points, then he is coming out of the goalie box and is going to play forward. I hope for the sake of the kids today that we at least give the other team some competition. This is only the second year that this county’s recreation department has had a soccer league. The team we are playing tonight belongs to one of the counties around us that breeds soccer players.

I know that my goal for the players was to have fun, but the morale of the team is going down the drain because we are not scoring goals or winning. I do my best to keep them motivated by saying, “Good job” or “you’re playing your position very well” stuff like that. I’m sure you guys get the picture. I’m going to do everything to keep my kids motivated and stress the point that you have to play your position and players are positioned a certain way for a reason. We will see how it goes tonight. If we do lose tonight, I pray that it isn’t by a large margin. Our last game we played was one of the 3 we have in our recreation departments league. They beat us 6-0. I know the coach and he explained to me what he thought I needed to do and exactly what you’ve read above is what he told me.

Like I mentioned before, I hope for the kids sake that we can give these guys a run for their money and keep them from running up the score. I will have an update for you guys after the game. Hopefully it isn’t too bad.



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