We always talk about the United States Military being heroes, which I strongly believe is true. But we forget about our Firefighters, Police Men/Women, Paramedics, Doctors and Nurses that work hard while the U.S.  Military is abroad fighting for our country, they are back here in the United States keeping our families safe. I am not trying to take the spot light off of the military, but trying to l get us recognize those individuals that also put their lives on the line, just in a different way.

I have a friend that was a paramedic in Oakland, California for about 4 years. In his 4 years of working as a paramedic he helped the victims of the Oikos School shooting and has seen many people lose their lives. He and his comrades had received calls for an emergency only to arrive to a scene with victims DOA (Dead on Arrival), victims that are fighting for their lives or on the verge of death knowing that once they get that patient in the care of the doctors and nurses of the emergency room they are going to die. He has seen children die at the hands of gang violence, extreme cases of child abuse by the hands of a parent or guardian and children that are on the verge of death because they were neglected by their parents or guardians for numerous reasons.

I’m sure that these men and women that do everything they can to save lives, deal the loss of life and witness senseless violence day in and day out also deal with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). In my opinion, many Americans only associates PTSD with the Military, but Fire Fighters, Police Men and Women, Paramedics, Doctors and Nurses deal with these issues also. They deal with issues as do the military, but their battlefield is different. They don’t get enough recognition. In America they are the ones that are the QRF (Quick Reaction Force) reacting to whatever comes their way. Of course, just like in the military, you’re going to have those that treat the job as “just” a job instead of actually caring about the people they are protecting or possibly saving a persons life.

I don’t want you as readers to think that I am making the suggestion or interpret that I am taking any credit from our U.S. Military, but trying to get you to recognize the sacrifice that these individuals do every single day. Keep in mind that while we are back home and you are not near a military base and you are injured or in need some of medical help, it’s going to be these brave men and women to help you or possibly save your life or a life of a family member. It is unbelievable that these individuals are over looked over because they are not on the news. Think about all the violence going on in major cities such as Chicago, Oakland, New York, etc. These are the people that are on the “front lines” if you want to call it that, protecting our family members.

I don’t want to make it seem like I am sounding like a broken record, but we need to remember that these individuals also volunteered to be police men/women, firefighters and paramedics. They sacrifice just like the military does, just in a different way. Just as there are REGULARS in the military, there are REGULARS that save lives and protect the REGULARS here in the United States. Let us not forget, but remember the sacrifice they make every single day.



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