Cuarenta y cuatro

I know a lot of you readers that support my Blog don’t seem to like it when I post about College Football. The reason I say that is because I only have like 4 views. Today, I will not be talking about the game College Football, but the reason why I love the game.

The reason why I love College Football is because these players are playing their hearts out for no money. Yes, they are playing for the chance to make it to the next level, but they aren’t focused on that during the season. It’s awesome to see these guys make the transition from playing High School Football to playing College Football. The difference in their play is unbelievable. I know that at the College level they have different coaches for each position and also a strength and conditioning coach, but it amazes me how they leave High School as a 5 star recruit and get even better. I know a lot of you don’t care, but I think it’s amazing. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good you are, sometimes it’s just not in your cards to get picked up by an NFL team or invited to any training camps. Another thing that sucks about it, is if that player thinks he’s good enough to play at the next level, they are able to make a decision to declare for the NFL and leave as a Sophomore or Junior. So if that player doesn’t get picked up, he has no education to fall back on.

Here’s an example for you, Rolando McClain a former Alabama Crimson Tide Linebacker, who chose to forgo his Senior year at the University of Alabama and declare for the NFL. He  was the 8th pick in the 1st Round of the 2010 NFL Draft and was drafted by the Oakland Raiders. Earlier this year, after a number of disciplinary problems and a bunch fines the Oakland Raiders chose to let him go. The Baltimore Ravens accepted him with open arms, with stipulations of course. He had been on the Baltimore Ravens roster for approximately 1 week or so and went to his hometown and got into some trouble. It had something to do with a gun and assaulting another person. The Baltimore Ravens organization were only going to fine him, which the amount of money he was making would only be a slap on the hand, but he instead decided to retire after almost 3 years in the NFL. He did produce in his rookie year, but second year he didn’t really do anything and was fined by the NFL on more than on occasion. He did say that he wanted to get his personal affairs in order before committing to another NFL team. That takes a lot for a decent Linebacker to do, but I said all that to make this point, because he decided to forgo his Senior Year he doesn’t have a degree to fall back on in the case he isn’t allowed or in shape to make his return to the NFL. He did re-enroll to the University of Alabama so that he could complete his Senior year so he could graduate.

Yes, I know this post wasn’t to talk about a Former NFL Linebacker, it’s to talk about my love for the game of College Football. I would much rather watch a College Football game instead of an NFL game, because NFL players are prima-donnas. They require the teams manager to have something a certain way or else they complain. In College Football, it’s either you’re going to take it the way its given to you or you can turn in your stuff. This is just my opinion, but I think that College Football players are hungrier. I know that opportunities to leave College Football and declare for the NFL draft as a Sophomore or Junior and you are an NFL caliber player, then it’s a no brainer, but during the offseason, you should do everything you can to complete your degree. I honestly feel that if a Division 1 University or College offers you a 4 year scholarship, then you should have to stay for all 4 years. That University or College invested a lot into recruiting you and you signed a letter of intent stating that you would attend that school. So if you declare for the NFL as a Sophomore, that school just wasted a lot of money for no reason. Of course, a good coach would do all they can to talk you out of this decision. The school can’t legally tell you that you can’t declare, but they will do all they can to keep you.

I love College Football, the atmosphere is electric and the fans are crazy. One of these days I will get my chance to see my Alabama Crimson Tide play in person. Another reason why I prefer to watch College Football over an NFL game is because a College Football, in my opinion, is unpredictable. You can try all you want to try and predict the score, but you never know how the game is going to play out. A simple mistake by an Offense, Defense or Special Teams can change the outcome of the game. To me a lot of games are won or lost due to Clock Management and that is apart of the excitement for me. It also has something to do with coaching staff, but that has nothing to do with today’s post. Its game time and this is where I end today’s post. Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Ole Miss Rebels.


Nick Saban


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