I know that I said that I wasn’t going to be doing anymore posts on College Football, but I just can’t. I love it TOO much. For those that do not care for College Football I will again ask you to please bare with me. I need to get this off my chest. Here we go.

I hate Johnny Manziel. I don’t hate him as a person, because I don’t know the guy personally. I hate that he is so DAMN good. Every time you think you have him down, nope, he slides out of the grips of the defender. Every time I watch him play, I wish a bus would come out of nowhere and tackle him. I don’t want the bus to kill or injury him, I just want him to be tackled. Yes, I am still mad because they came to Bryant-Denny Stadium and embarrassed us. I remember watching the game as if it were yesterday. Within the first 5 minutes of the 1st Quarter them damn Aggies were up 21 points. How in the world does that happen to a Nick Saban team? I thought it was luck, but it wasn’t. What makes it hurt even worse, is last year, he was a TRUE FRESHMAN! If you don’t care for College Football and you are being nice by reading this post, I will explain to you what a true freshman is. Usually, when a High School Football player makes the jump to college, most of the time they want to learn the facilities, get to know the playbook and get to know his teammates. If he goes this route, it’s called a Redshirt. A True Freshman, basically means this guy graduated from High School enrolled into the University or College of their choice, of course by a certain date. He starts his classes and he is then eligible to start practicing with the team.

So basically, Johnny Manziel went from playing High School Football, jumped to the collegiate level and started dominating. Hopefully you can see why I dislike this guy on the Football field. He’s a 1 in a million player. Well, maybe that’s not true because the state of Texas takes High School Football very serious. I have no clue what they are feeding them guys, but whatever it is, they need to pass some of that stuff around. I’m not sure if it’s a coaching strategy or not, but it takes Alabama a couple of possessions to get rolling, but in this game we didn’t start to come around until the second quarter. We had a pretty good defense last year, but nothing worked. Coach Kirby Smart, our Defensive Coordinator, was using everything in his arsenal, but yet this guy was making it look like he was playing backyard football. Not to get off the subject, but I felt the same way towards Cam Newton. That’s why I wished so hard that he was accepting money & extra benefits so they could strip the Heisman Trophy and National Championship away. Now back to Mr. Manziel, he’s a freak of nature. What we learned last year was that there had to be constant pressure on him, plus a spy and an awesome secondary. If we had all that we would have beat them. I thought that when Texas A&M joined the Southeastern Conference (SEC), we were going to issue them a beat down just like we gave to Mizzou, but I was wrong.

Now we fast forward a year. Yes, we did beat them this year, but Johnny Football still managed to make plays that I thought for sure were either going to be intercepted or he was going to be crushed by a defender. This year, we knew what to expect. We did a better job, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking he was going to do something awesome and we would be issued our first loss. We lost a lot of great players in last years NFL Draft, so that meant a lot of young and inexperienced players would have to step up. As I said in a couple of posts ago, we still have a lot of work to do. Our problem this year is consistency. I’m no College Football expert, but I think its because we a lot of young, inexperienced players and could possibly be due to a lack of leadership from the upperclassmen. It takes more than a coach screaming at you to get players motivated, the upperclassmen should be guiding these young guys by peer pressure. Peer pressure in sports is a good thing, it should make you want to do better. Once this 2013 Alabama team gets the Leadership and can be consistent on every play, then we will make it back to the final BCS Championship, because they are going to start the playoff system starting next season.

Coach Nick Saban has a lot work to do, but if you know Coach Saban, he WILL get what he wants. If you’re not doing your job, then the next guy that shows he’s better, will win the job. Alabama’s schedule isn’t going to get any easier as the season goes on. This Saturday we play an Ole Miss team that is clicking and playing well together. Ole Miss also has another advantage, they have young players that are hungry and they want to be the team to knock off the Number 1 team in the country. But, it’s not going to happen. Why? We are playing at home and because of the poor play against Colorado State, you will see a different Alabama team. I feel that because of the loss of a lot of key players is why we looked so sloppy. You saw our play against Virginia Tech, it wasn’t Alabama Football then we had a bye week, beat up on Texas A&M then we slump again against Colorado State. Trust me on this one, you will see a hungry Alabama Offense, Defense and Special Teams on Saturday.

As the season goes on, we will continue to be better, why? Because, our playmakers will be in midseason form. I suggest you heed this warning, you will see a different Alabama team for the remainder of the season. Remember these Jersey Numbers and Names: #9 Amari Cooper, #83 Kevin Norwood, #2 DeAndrew White, #88 OJ Howard, #4 TJ Yeldon, #17 Kenyan Drake, #35 CJ Mosely, #10 AJ McCarron, I could go on and on, but I will spare you that pain and stop.

As much as I hate to say it, Johnny Manziel is an outstanding player. There aren’t many players out their like him that have his ability and can do what he does. He is one of a kind. A lot of it is just natural talent.

DON’T FOR ONE SECOND THINK THAT I THINK HE IS A BETTER QUARTERBACK THAN AJ McCARRON! Because truthfully he isn’t. AJ is a leader of the the Alabama Football Team. He can throw the short pass, the deep pass, he can handle himself well inside and outside the pocket. He can get the ball to the exact location it needs to be for a particular receiver. He knows how to read Defenses and knows when to audible. Coach Saban has confidence in AJ to make the right adjustments depending on what he sees in the Defense, even when the defense tries to disguise the Defense. It sucks that in the NFL Draft he will be a late rounder or asked for a tryout, but you can bet he is going to show the team that picks him up he can play. Johnny has natural talent, but AJ has talent and experience. If Johnny stays at A&M for his 4-5 years of eligibility then this post will be a little different.

The last person to talk to you guys before we start practice is one of our new coaches who bleeds Crimson, I would like to introduce to the team Coach Jared Gober. Coach, you have the floor. Thanks for the opportunity Coach Saban. First of all it is an honor to be apart of a great football program, with such a great history. History has already been made fellas, now we need to make ours. This is how we do it, what we need to do as a team is block out all the distractions. Don’t listen to the media, sports networks, sports analysts, don’t read the newspapers. Do your job, be consistent and give 100% every time you are given the chance to step on that field. We don’t need players that show up on 1st down, slack off on 2nd down and give 50% on 3rd Down. That’s not what we do, that’s not how Alabama Football is played. Don’t worry about a damn Dynasty, I don’t want to hear the word Dynasty spoken from any of you players. We are going to take this ONE GAME AT A TIME. Juniors and Seniors I need you to take more of a Leadership role with our underclassmen. When you leave, they are going to be counting on what you taught them. Teach them how to be an Alabama Player, and how we carry ourselves, not just on the football field, but in the classroom and in the community. When they see you guys in the community, you are not only representing yourselves or the team, you are ambassadors for our fine University. I want everybody in this locker room to remember this, WE ARE THE ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE AND THERE IS NO TEAM THAT CAN BEAT US. IF WE GET BEAT, IT’S NOT THE OPPOSING TEAM THAT BEATS US, WE BEAT OURSELVES, because we were not focusing on the small things. Do the small things right, be consistent and everything will fall in place. We as your Coaches will give you the tools you need to win, all you need to do is apply it. There is only one team that can beat the Alabama Crimson Tide and that is The Alabama Crimson Tide. Alright, bring it in and let’s have a good practice. 1, 2, 3, ROOOOOLLLLLLL TIIIIIIDEEEEEE!



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