Man, is this really happening again? A Government Shutdown, No Trash Pick-up in DC, I.O.U’s to the United States Military, here in the United States of fucking America and Abroad. When I say Abroad, that means, Afghanistan, Iraq, Horn of Africa and wherever there is a US Armed Forces Presence. Guess who will continue to get paid? Yep, you guessed it, the people that are supposed to be our fucking leaders. Who claim they are looking out for the “interest” of our country. If I went before Congress and asked them to come up with a simple solution they couldn’t do it. You know what I would ask? What is the answer of the following Math Problem: What is two plus two? I’m sure that it would cause a Government Shutdown, because no one could agree on the answer. That sounds silly right? No, it doesn’t because that’s exactly how it looks to other countries and they take every chance they can to humiliate us.

Mr. President and Member of Congress, please tell me how you can justify this Government Shutdown? You have idiots like Ty Nsekhe, that gets paid millions of dollars to sit on the bench or practice squad, but since this is America he has the freedom to say what he wants, but this is ridiculous, and I quote, “It doesn’t take much skill to kill someone.” I really think that people that make statements like that, should immediately be sent to Afghanistan with his shoulder pads and helmet and if he makes it out then he can say whatever the fuck he wants. That’s not the reason why I am so UPSET. The people I am UPSET with is all of you so-called leaders in Washington DC, IT’S ALWAYS THE MILITARY TO TAKE THE HIT EVERY DAMN TIME SOMETHING ABOUT A BUDGET CUT OR A GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN HAPPENS. HOW CAN YOU JUSTIFY SENDING AN I.O.U OR PAYING A SOLDIER SITTING ON AN OP (OBSERVATION POST) AND CAN SEE THE ENEMY, BUT CAN’T FIRE ON HIM, BECAUSE HE NEEDS PID (POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION) OR JUST GOT SHOT OR PAID THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE SO WE CAN CONTINUE TO BE FREE, HALF OF HIS PAYCHECK? That’s the exact reason why America is in the shape it’s in. The people that should be paid less is ALL OF YOU. Why is it so damn hard for you guys to get shit done? Why can’t the people that have the hardest job on the planet, in my opinion, get paid exactly what they deserve? Why don’t you guys come out of your offices and put a fucking uniform on, pick up a rifle and get shot at or jump in a vehicle and go down a route that you know is full of IED’s and take a couple of blasts. I, then think you guys would pull your heads out of you’re fucking asses and take care of the men and women that keep YOUR asses in your cozy little office safe.

Our American Government has it all backwards. A Government Shutdown? Is this planned so you can take the money from the military to give yourself a bonus or is it that time of year for Congress to play 36 holes of Golf? No, it’s not that, I’m sorry, Its time for another vacation. My bad, I’m sorry I got it wrong. Please don’t have the secret service, that I’m pretty sure they are still getting paid, pull up to my house and “interrogate” me.  Man, this is ridiculous. I will always be proud to be an American, but why is it that I can’t or it hurts to proud of America? It’s not the country I’m mad at, it’s our leaders that continue to steer us down a fucking path of destruction because of the decisions or lack of decisions that makes me upset.

I’m pretty confident that President George Washington, who was also was the COMMANDER of the Continental Army, would make sure his soldiers were taken care of before he paid himself. I’m also pretty confident that our founding fathers are looking down on every single so-called leader in Washington DC and is EMBARRASSED of what this country has become. You guys will never get it. Yep, let’s make the military suffer, because a group of “adults” that are overpaid, can’t come together and come up with decisions for America. Everything has to be a debate or the house has to be divided because Jim doesn’t like Bob, so he’s going to sit there and be ignorant and not make a decision. Because Jim and Bob are beefing with each other, our men and women of the military have to suffer. I know that is not why there is a government shutdown, but I’m pretty sure I’m somewhere in the ballpark.

I said all that to say this, you guys need to STOP thinking of yourselves, and try this, and think about the people of America. Sounds like a great idea, right? I know. I came up with that all by myself. Mr. President and Members of Congress, you need to do what’s best for America than what suits you. If you did that, I’m almost positive we could move an inch forward as a country, instead of moving backwards or being stagnant. I’ve said all I had to say. I’M DONE.




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