I know a lot of us REGULARS have thought about, “if I won the lottery or somehow came into a large sum of money I would do ________?” I think about that all the time. In today’s Blog I will TRUTHFULLY give you my point of view if that were to happen to me.

If I won the lottery, first off I wouldn’t want it to be publicized. Why? Because then you’re going to have relatives and friends coming out of no where, but not only that, you become a target. Criminals could possibly do harm to your family for a piece of your ends. Once I receive the money, let’s say the lottery was worth $125,000,000. Of course, good old Uncle Sam is gonna want his piece in tax. If he puts the tax at 28 percent you will be giving up $35,000,000. Now you have $90,000,000. That is still a lot of money. You know the state you live in is going to get their share also, I’m not sure what every states tax is, but after state taxes, let’s just say you are left with $70,000,000, that is still a good chunk of scrilla. Now here’s my breakdown of the ends I have left over.

Of course I’m gonna break some off to the person who birthed me; also do the same for my wife’s parents. To them we would give them $3,000,000 (a total of $6,000,000). Now at this point, I have $64,000,000. With what I have left, I’m going to hire an accountant to control only a certain percent of my money. There are some crooked people out there. Okay let’s say, I have $50,000,000. You know I gotta step the whip game up, by some land build a baller ass house and hire some security. Some say why hire security? I don’t want anything to happen to me or my family where I’m put in a situation where I would have to put up some ransom money. After buying some new cars, clothes, a new house and put money aside for my security, lets say that I am left with $20,00,000.

With the $20,000,000 I am left with I would take half of it, which would be $10,000,000 and put in an off shore account so that it can collect interest and make me some more money. With the $10,000,000 I am left with would be money that I would live off of. I would pay off all debt, donate to some charities, of course the main two would be the Wounded Warrior Project and the Make a Wish Foundation.

That’s just my point of view. I know everybody would do something different, which is okay because it’s your money. Maybe I’m wrong and people don’t think about winning the lottery or somehow receiving a large sum of money, maybe it’s just me. Now back to reality. I don’t have that money and probably never will. It sure would be nice though. Just because I don’t have millions that doesn’t make me any less of a man that does. My main goal in life is to make sure my family has what they need and I will continue to do that until my last breath.

We all have dreams. If you don’t have dreams, then what motivates you? For me a REGULAR, at the end of the day, as long as my family has what they want and need I am happy. After reading this post, I want you to sit back and ask yourself the same question. You don’t have to reply, I just want you to ask yourself how you would manage that much money. Having that much money would be good and bad. Good: you don’t have to worry about if your gonna make it the next day, you won’t have the worries of living paycheck to paycheck. Bad: people out of nowhere will all of a sudden become family and ask for money or someone would try to do harm to you or your family to get a big chunk of what you have.

I know I did a lot of rambling in this post, but I want you, the reader, to seriously sit back and think of what you would do if you had that much money. I just gave you mine, a REGULAR, point of view. What is yours?



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