Okay people, yesterday I was all fired up about my daughter having to stand by the fence during her recess. She had to stand there because she lost her behavior sheet (a dumb-ass piece of paper). I sent a letter to the teacher explaining my displeasure and did not think the punishment was justified. Today, she sent me one and this is the gist of it: She stated that as a fourth grade requirement, students are given a weekly behavior report, usually on Friday and they are asked to have them returned on the following Wednesday. If it is not returned on Wednesday, students lose all of their recess. She also stated that she understood my concern, however this is not a classroom rule, it’s a fourth grade rule. She then went on to say that during the first week of school, students were explained that rule. I could understand that if the behavior sheet noted that she was being bad or being disrespectful to the teacher; she just forgot or misplaced a piece of paper. After reading her note, it fired me up even more. I posted on Facebook what I was going to write to the teacher in response of her note, but my wife asked me to drop it. For the sake of my wife and any undo stress for my child I will let it go. 

I’m going to be truthful with you guys. Deep down inside my heart, I don’t want to let it go. Why? Because I don’t think the punishment was justified. If this is a fourth grade rule, why didn’t I as her parent know about this rule? I’m so mad right now. I feel that by my wife telling me to drop it, I feel like I was defeated. I don’t want to go back and fourth with this teacher, what I am trying to get across is that I don’t want ANY teacher disciplining or penalizing my children. That is not what they get paid to do. I understand that she has to keep the children under control, I get that part, but I think that by making my daughter or any student for that matter stand by the fence while everyone else is playing or having fun is embarrassing to the child. You may call it as me being “too over protective” of my children, but I don’t think so. I feel that as her Father I needed to say something. 

Deep down, I feel that by letting this issue go that I let my child down. I don’t know. I want my children to know that me as their Father will do whatever is needed to be done for them to get the best out of whatever they are doing. I think I reacted this way because I didn’t have a father to fight for me. I strive every single day to be the best Father, Husband and Friend to my family and close friends. Maybe I turned a mole hill into a mountain, but that’s what I felt needed to be done. I really don’t know what else to say. Truthfully, I feel defeated and that I let my little girl down. I guess that’s the life of a REGULAR.



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  1. I understand your anger. Sorry that i can not write as well as you but i will give it my best shot. I as a parent also think that we as parents should be the ones to discipline are children however at the same time i don’t think that there is equal treatment in out school systems I think that teachers are to worried about not affeneding someone but at the same time they don’t care about the opinions of others I think that your anger as a parent was very well justified i think that that school as well as that teacher is focused on things that are no were near as importent as the things that they should be worried about. I think that our children should be alowed to be more like children and less like what ever it is that they (The school system) wants out kids to be. Some times you have to make some people mad to show that your not gonna lay down and let any one else push you or your family around. Your family is the only thing that ever matters our kids are the greatest gifts that coudl ever happen to us. There is not enough good dads in this world that can say that they are half the man husband father that you are. I think that as long as you feel what you did was justified and you can look your daughter in the face and honestly tell her that you did what you feel was best and if the two of you can work to come up with a better solution than that is all that matters and you have nothing to feel defeated about. I say work with the teacher and with your daughter for better communication. I think that no matter who you offend that if something is bothering you or is bothering your daughter than there should be no reason that you cant talk to either person to work out a better plan. I say keep your head up brother and let your daughter know that every thing is gonna be ok and let her know that no matter what the issue is she can always count on you. Stay strong brother and take time to show love to your family. ZAch

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