Treinta y cuatro

Today’s Post will be a rant. I need to get some things off my chest. I don’t want to offend anyone, if I do let me know and we can talk about it.

The reason why I’m so irritated is because the Georgia School System sucks! Maybe it’s just where I live, I have no clue, but something has to give. I’m tired of my girls telling me how they are treated at school. I want to go to that school and start slapping people like Rick James did to Charlie Murphy in the Rick James Episode. Everybody knows what I’m talking about right? Okay, just making sure. Today my youngest daughter tells me that during recess she had to stand by the fence. (If you do something bad I guess that’s a punishment) I asked her why did you have to stand by the fence? She said that her teacher said that I didn’t turn in my Behavior Sheet. (Yeah, they have dumbass behavior sheets, crazy right!) I told her that she will not be standing by the fence EVER again, I don’t care what you’ve done or forgotten. SHE WILL NOT BE DOING THAT! For you that don’t know, when it comes to my girls I don’t play around. You’re not going to treat them any kind of way. I know someone out there is saying, he is always turning a small issue into something big. For those of you who know my girls know they are good children. They are always making straight A’s & B’s and have never had a disciplinary problem.

I love my children to death. I don’t give a crap what your position is or who you think you are, you WILL NOT treat my children any kind of way. I understand that the school has rules, but because she lost a behavior sheet she has to stand by a damn fence during recess? I don’t think so! She has never brought home a bad behavior sheet, so why make a good student that you have never had a problem with stand by the fence? When I first introduced myself to the teachers, I told them that if they have any problems with my children, the first thing that needs to be done is they need to contact me FIRST! If I find out after the fact, they will not like the repercussions. I got it, they have a job to do, but I told them that any discipline problems or anything bad happens I need to be contacted first. Why I feel that way, is because they are MY children. I don’t give a crap if other parents don’t care for their children, but my 2 girls will be treated with the upmost respect by ANYONE they encounter, because I KNOW that they will do the same.

If you disagree with me, I really don’t care. They are my children and I am treating them the way I SHOULD have been treated as a child. My mother was very strict and I couldn’t do anything. I want my girls to have their own personalities and just be themselves. But that isn’t the subject of this post.

I said all that to say this, I love my girls to death. I treat them with the upmost respect here at home and I expect they be treated the same way, wherever they go. If I find out they are not being treated fairly, then you’ll find out who Jared J. Gober really is. I don’t want to show you that side of me. All I ask is for you to do your job and treat my girls as if I was in the classroom over watching them.






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