Why do we as Americans continue to show our ugly side? Some of you are thinking what in the world is he talking about. Americans are outraged that the winner of the Miss America Pageant is of Indian decent. Why? Why does it make you mad? No person is this entire country can come up with an intelligent answer to that question. I understand and I am not saying that we can’t or shouldn’t be able to speak our mind, but writing negative comments and racist remarks is childish. It is 2013 and America is a melting pot of every single ethnicity you can think of, but when a “minority” wins something, fair and square, that “ignorant” Americans believes should be won by a person that is 100% American, they lose their minds. What makes this even worse is that you have radio personalities that have listeners all over the country, whom they can persuade to think a certain way, are making this issue into a bigger one.

If someone or better yet, anyone give me a specific reason, why she shouldn’t be crowned as Miss America, I’m listening. Their isn’t an intelligent argument there. As soon as you think that America has taken steps to move past racism, IGNORANT Americans slap you in the face with childish acts just like this. I’m sure as soon as this Indian-AMERICAN was crowned, people starting letting their displeasure known. I’m pretty sure in order to compete in the Miss America Pageant, you have to be AMERICAN, right? If you have answered that question with a YES, then what is the issue? The issue is there are those that live in a freaking box and don’t want to see this country progress.

That is one of the reasons why things like racism is going to be apart of the downfall of America. These same individuals are supposed to be adults. My kids are more mature than they are. This is so freaking ridiculous!! Another point that I would like to make, before she was crowned Miss America, she was crowned Miss New York. That doesn’t make any sense. She can be Miss New York, but she can’t be Miss America? How in the FUCK does that make ANY sense? Please, if you can intelligently explain to me why she shouldn’t be crowned, I’M LISTENING.

YOU CAN’T!! America the country may be moving forward as far as technology, but mentally, our country is still in the 19th Century. I am ashamed that this poor girl can’t even enjoy being the winner because of ignorant people. I’m sure that their will be protests because she was crowned. All those people need to be loaded up on a freaking plane and sent to Afghanistan.

I want all you readers out there to read and understand this statement: EVERYBODY THAT IS OF MIDDLE-EASTERN DECENT IS NOT A FUCKING TERRORIST!! Come on America, we can do so much better than this. This is tweet from an American radio personality: Miss Kansas, a gun-toting, deer-hunting, military veteran was America’s choice – but not the liberal Miss America judges’ choice. America will never let go of racism and that’s a fact. I hope that by the time my girls are grown adults and have their own families this won’t be an issue, but I won’t see it change in my life time.

People always say they want change, but in reality, no they don’t. If President Abraham Lincoln hadn’t abolished slavery, I’m sure I would be some where picking cotton. I know that’s a strong statement, but it’s the truth. This next statement is a proud american, “I’m not a racist, but this is America.” How does that statement not make you racist? Because you are a fucking retard! IT DOES MAKE YOU A DAMN RACIST! I don’t even know how to or begin to justify the prejudice against this Indian-AMERICAN.

I want you, the readers, to know this, I was taught and I am teaching my children to look at a person as a HUMAN being before looking at the color of their skin or ethnicity. Once Americans get their heads out of their asses, then maybe, just maybe, our country will be the country that our four fathers envisioned it to be. If you feel that I am wrong for taking a stand for this AMERICAN and you can intelligently speak your point, I am open to that discussion, but lets be real, that’s not going to happen. People are brave sitting behind a computer, but cower down when that person is in their face. There are many lives that have been lost so that America can be in the position it is now, and it’s going to take many more before we wake the fuck up and start being ADULTS and stop being children.

I’m not putting every American in this category, but there is a majority out there that doesn’t want to see change. When will WE as Americans grow up? Who Knows, because I don’t. I’M DONE!


3 thoughts on “Thirty-Two

  1. Jared, great points that you brought up. I normally don’t walk around this country thinking the world is against me because I’m Asian. On the contrary, I feel very fortunate to be in a country where my merits determine my fate. However, when I see the ugliness that you refer to here, it makes me think that we could be far more progressive as a Nation if the small minority of racists were somehow silenced/changed. That’s the rub of living in a country with the freedom of speech, all of those people that posted about Miss America are entitled to their opinions/beliefs, however I feel that they should hold some accountability for those beliefs. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if their nasty comments and remarks were made public at their place of work, their church, to their children? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those comments were sent back to them 50 years from now to show them their level of maturity? I haven’t seen the app for that. I think it’d make a killing.

  2. Social media has added a layer of negativity to the world. 75% of post online in reference to ppl gaining some form of notoriety, are negative. I believe a snowball effect takes place. Someone goes online & see a few negative comments, that gives them the “computer guts” to do the same. Ppl can’t give a reason cause they don’t have one. They’re just playing, “follow the dumb ass leader”.

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