Today was a great day. My lovely wife let me watch football without any interruptions. We had planned on going to get some sushi, but we both took a nap. She wanted to leave the house about 4, but that’s when we woke up. At this point the game had already started. I turned it on and was watching it as I was getting ready to leave and my wife says to me, “You stay here and watch the game.” I said no, I don’t want you to think that I am putting a football game before my family. She insisted that I stay and watch the game. I have an awesome wife. She knows how much I love College Football. For you that don’t already know that my team is the Alabama Crimson Tide, I mean it’s an obvious choice because I am from the great state of Alabama. Yes, we have this other, sub-par team called the Auburn Tigers, this is just my opinion, but watching the Auburn Tigers play is like watching paint dry. I know that’s harsh, but I am a die-hard Alabama Crimson Tide fan.

Today we defeated the Texas A&M Aggies. The score was Alabama-49, Texas A&M-42. This game was important to me because last year, their first year in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), they beat us at home. I was pretty upset about it, but I quickly got over it, because we made it to the BCS Championship Game, defeating Notre Dame. My bitterness towards the Aggies is all because of their quarterback, Johnny “Football” Manziel. The reason why I’m bitter is because this guy is an awesome quarterback. He can make a play out of no play. Watching the Aggies play other teams I can stomach the game, but when its time for them to play my Tide, I HATE them. I really don’t hate this guy, because I don’t know him. It’s all in fun.

I love College Football because it starts during my favorite time of year, fall and into winter. It may sound weird, but I love this time of year. I couldn’t tell you why. I just do. Don’t worry, I won’t be posting about Alabama every time they play. Unless they make it to the BCS National Championship Game. If that did happen and we won, that would be 3 straight in a row. I’m sure some of you are saying WHO CARES, I do!

I won’t continue to bore you with football talk. Overall, today was another great day for the REGULARS.



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