Today has been a struggle for me trying to come up with a topic to Blog about. Truthfully, I came very close to giving up on this Blog, because I only have a handful of supporters that are truly supporting me and that discourages me. But then again, why quit? Why prove them right? I set a goal for myself to put out a Blog everyday. So that’s what I am going to do. What a lot of you don’t understand is that it takes a LOT for me to put my feelings out for the world to see, but yet, there are individuals out there that continue to feed me bullshit about the support they give me. That I don’t need! I’ve said it in a previous post that I would rather you be hot or cold, I hate lukewarm people. I know I said that I wasn’t going to let this negative energy get me down, but I’m human and I came very close to letting my HATERS get the best of me.

I’m not doing this for anyone but myself. When people read what I write, that encourages me to keep going, but when people stop caring, it’s a feeling like I’m on stage at Madison Square Garden with no crowd to perform to, LONELY. I’m no professional Blogger and I’m not trying to take that route, but what I am trying to do is for the world to notice the REGULAR people. No, I don’t have loads of money, no I don’t have a big ass house, no I don’t live the TV family life, but what I do have is a steady income, a house that is mine and family and close friends that really care about me and support whatever I do. Everything that I do is regular and my goal with the start of this Blog was for the world to see that regular people are able to do the same shit, celebrities do. What makes a celebrities life more important than mine? Not a damn thing. They bleed just like I do, but people are mesmerized by their lifestyle. In today’s society people are so materialistic. Many say they are not, but deep down they are. When did being yourself or Regular become uncool or a crime?  

I have no clue. A lot of people put up a front or facade to make it seem like everything they do is perfect and the world they live in is flawless. They take advantage by using these social media sites to show their perfect world. I’m not saying I want to see people post that they have no food in their refrigerator or struggling to make ends meet, that’s not the point I’m trying to pound in your mind. All I want you to do is be you, be yourself. All the extra stuff, just stop it. People are so caught up into staying with whatever trend is popping, but if you’re not with the trend then you are considered a hater; No that means you are a Regular. Its crazy what people will do to be noticed. Being Regular is not the thing to do now. Either you’re in the Trap cooking up some crack, in the strip club making it rain, popping bottles, sleeping with multiple partners, or cashing your check so that you can go straight to Instagram to post about how much money you have. Why? What does that prove? Nothing! It makes you look like a jackass. I hope at this point and you do shit like this, I hope you’re mad as hell. I want you to hate me because I’m Regular and I’m proud to be one.

It used to be that you looked up to someone, and you wanted to be just like that Regular person, but since the invention of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all the other social media outlets that celebrities use, thats what people want to be. I’m not saying I’m perfect and that I haven’t posted a pair of shoes on Instagram, I’m just as guilty as the others are. All I’m trying to portray is that it’s okay to be Regular, have a Regular job and do Regular stuff. Nobody wants to be Regular anymore, everything has to be over the top. Why? How is that going to make our world we live in a better place? No, I can’t answer those questions and I am not going to try. I felt like this needed to be said. If you don’t like it, then you don’t like it. It’s just the way I am feeling today. 


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