Do you feel that there is a certain criteria that needs to be met before you call someone a “friend?” Most people today throw that  word around just like the word Love (that’s a whole Blog in the future). I have few friends, but I have many acquaintances. A friend to me is someone who is trustworthy, someone I don’t mind leaving my kids with or someone I don’t mind leaving in my house if I have to step out to go to the store. A friend to me is almost like a brother/sister. Of course like a brother/sister relationship, you’re going to have your ups and downs, but TRUE friends will put whatever is causing the rift to the side, come up with a solution and move on from there. And the issue will never be brought up again. An acquaintance will bring up the issue anytime they can or they will get mad if you’re hanging out with your true friends. I know it sounds crazy, but I have seen this with my own eyes. Grown ass men getting mad because Jim is chilling with Tom. 

I’m not going to write an essay on what I think a friend is, my goal in today’s Blog is for you to sincerely look at the people you call friends and ask yourself what their purpose is in YOUR life? Are they really looking out for your well-being? Do they really care about you? Would they risk their life to save yours? There are about 10 people in my life that are my friends. If you have to ask yourself those questions about certain people, then they are not your friend, they are an  acquaintance. I’m not saying that an acquaintance is a bad thing, but TRUE Friends are life-long. 


One thought on “Ventiquattro

  1. That is deep and very true. There is not many people that would meet all of those requirements. Some of your true friends serve no purpose at all other than you enjoy there company and that you get along with some of the same like interest. Good blog man look forward to reading more.

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