“Don’t throw rocks, if you live in a glass house”. I’m not sure who came up with that quote, but it is one of my favorites. I know you’ve heard and probably said it a million times, and that’s the thing that bothers me. People hear and say it all the time, but the majority of the time it’s the person saying it that is in the “glass house”. I get really irritated when a so-called “friend” scolds me about something I said or did, but when I say something to them about the same issue, then there is a problem. I’m sure you have friends that think they are always right, but if you tell them or prove them wrong, they still have a way to weasel their way out of it, to make themselves look as if they did nothing wrong. I know by now you are like, what the hell is he talking about? I’m talking about being a hypocrite.

I hate hypocrites! I know hate is a strong word, but that is one thing that will set me off. Don’t start bitching at me about an issue and go do the same thing, but because you did it, it’s okay. In today’s society there are too many people that are “lukewarm”. I would rather you be hot or cold, meaning be ONE way so I know how to deal with you. Nowadays people switch up so much, you don’t know what the hell they might do or say next. Either you’re gonna treat me like an asshole or you’re going to be nice and all that friendly stuff. You guys get the picture. I know at times, I can be a hard person to understand, but you can bet on this, I am the same damn person no matter the situation. Of course, I’m human and one day I may be mad or grumpy, but those that know me personally, already know what they are dealing with.

I understand that we as people don’t walk around every single day with a smile on our faces (I think if I did see that, I would think something is wrong with them). Everybody has faults and their own issues, but how are you going give me advice on my faults and issues, but your situation is worse than mine? I hope that at this point I haven’t lost anyone. Right now, I have a lot of negative energy around me. I’m not saying that there is something going on within my family, the problem is, the so called people that say they are my “friends”. Oh, you need MY help moving some furniture or can I help you with this or that, now we’re friends, but when I need you, you’re no where to be found. I don’t understand it. Also, you say one thing to this person, but tell me something different. We’re not in high school anymore. We all are grown ass people. Be a man/woman about the situation and speak your mind.

If it seems like I’m rambling, I am. I have a lot on my mind and the best way for me to get it out is through my Blog. I am pretty much a calm person and it takes a lot to get me upset, but there are those same “friends” that know how to push my buttons. Usually I am quiet and would let it go as if it has never happened, but not today. I had to let this person know what the deal was. A friend to me is someone that will stick by your side through thick and thin. No matter what! These days, they are hard to come by. At the beginning of 2013 I said to myself that I wasn’t going to let myself get into the same drama that 2012 threw at me, but yet again, here it is in my face. I’ve had to cut a lot of “friends” off, because they only wanted to be my friend when it was convenient to them. That shit is DONE!

I still have some lines to cut. A lot of my so-called friends are going to be surprised. But at this point I don’t give a shit. These are the only things in this world that matter to Jared: God, Family and Close Friends. Its time for a lot of you to grow the fuck up. I know that’s a harsh way to put it, but I’ve tried to be nice about it, now I’m just sick and tired of the CRAP that comes from your mouth. Just because you think you’re an adult doesn’t mean that you have matured. We all need to do a self check and make sure that we aren’t the ones that live in glass houses.

I know I’ve said a lot and did a lot of rambling, but this is the best way I know how. I could talk to my wife, but sometimes she just doesn’t understand where I’m coming from or my point of view. Don’t take this post personal, but if you do, then maybe it was meant for you. I try to be positive, but there is always some negative energy around to ruin my vibe. After getting this out I feel a lot better now.

Its time to release myself from negative energy. From this day forward its going to be all about uplifting others and being positive. If that is something you don’t want then take your self and your negative energy somewhere else. To those that have supported me and continue to support me, I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. Its time for change people and that change is going to start with me. I’M DONE!


One thought on “XVIII

  1. Yo brother I feel you on this one so sincerely. Just had to cut a few loose and they were the ones that I thought would be there and appreciative no matter what. Crazy how shit turn out. But u def got me in ur corner. Imma call u this week

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