I’m not the one to talk politics, but I feel the need to express my opinion. Why can’t we just mind our own business? When I say WE, I’m talking about America.  We have our own problems right here at home, but yet still, the individuals we elected to be our leaders are always trying to save the world. We give all types of aid all over the world, but we can’t feed or house our homeless and less fortunate? We can’t provide jobs to our own? Instead of creating more jobs, corporations outsource. I got it, some people chose that path and now they are suffering the consequences, but there has to be a point when America looks in the mirror and says “I need to fix myself before I fix you”. I can say that in the 2008 election I voted for our current president. In the 2012 election I did not vote. Someone out there is saying, well you didn’t vote so you don’t have the right to complain. If you’re thinking that, you’re wrong. I EARNED the right to say whatever the hell I want. 

In the 2008 election I was mesmerized by our current president’s word play. He has a way with words. I was under the impression that this was the one to get America back on track. Yes, history was made because America elected its first Black president, but that was not a reason for me voting for him. I voted because I was all about what he wanted for our country, CHANGE! I was all for that. But since he has been in office, honestly sit back and ask yourself what has changed? Yes, he is pulling troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m sure that he has done a lot more awesome stuff, but me considering myself a middle-class American feel the effects of all the decisions made by our elected officials. I’m not just going to beat up on the president; congress is going to get some of this too. 

Our congress can’t even agree on policies that could possibly put America back on track. I feel that every one of our elected officials has their own agenda. I’m not only talking on the federal level, but at the state and local level as well. Individuals that run for these different positions say exactly what you want to hear, but once they are elected they forget about what they promised to the people that voted for them. I’m not a politician and would NEVER want to be one. I also understand that our elected officials can’t make everybody happy, but if you have the majority of Americans feeling a certain way about an issue, that should turn the damn light bulb on. 

Our elected officials have forgotten what they were put in that position for, they were put in that position to represent every single American in this country. They fail to listen to what WE have to say. I know that I am at this point beating a dead horse, but something has got to give. There has to be a leader somewhere in our government that truly cares about our America. I strongly feel that we need to focus on us. I can’t count how many friends I’ve lost because of an agenda of our elected officials. Our national debt is ridiculous, because of that jobs have to be cut, the armed forces have to be downsized, middle-class Americans that work their fingers to the bone now have to work more than one job just to make ends meet.

I’m sure if our fore fathers could see the status of America now, they would be ashamed. The blueprint for America was put in place, but as individuals were put in office, they felt the need to omit or change certain policies to fit their agenda. It shouldn’t be like this. Does this still ring true: “America, Home of the Free, Land of the Brave.” My only hope for the future America is that by the time my generation has faded away, it will be in better shape than it is today. Image


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