Okay, lets get something straight. I LOVE my family to death and would not do anything stupid to risk their safety or mine for that matter. I know earlier today and yesterday I posted and wrote a post on Facebook about my experience at racing against a minivan yesterday and a Lexus today. I talked about weaving in and out of traffic, which on my part was irresponsible. First of all, if the conditions were not right, there is no way I would have driven my car at that speed. Secondly, If I or my wife didn’t trust that I could maneuver the car at that high rate of speed she would have insisted that I not do it and I would have not done it.

Most of the time, I feel that I am a very safe driver, but at times because I am a MAN, sometimes I feel the urge for the need for speed (I’m sure all men have that urge at times). I am not condoning or promoting unsafe driving or being a dumb-ass on the interstate or your local highway. Yes, it was a stupid idea for me to be driving at a high rate of speed and that’s what racetracks are for, but at that moment I felt comfortable and confident that I could safely drive at a high rate of speed. I don’t want you to get the impression that I go out of my way to get on the interstate or find a local highway, just so I can “put the pedal to the metal”. It just so happened that yesterday and today, I had the opportunity to show off my BMW and to let them know what it could do and also the opportunity to drive faster than normal, FAST. I don’t want you as readers to think that I am condoning or promoting (and I never will) stupid and unsafe driving. Don’t think that this is the point I am trying to make you understand. I had the opportunity to fulfill my need for speed urge, it happened and I felt like sharing it with friends. From this point on, on any Social Media site I am associated with will be full of positive and happy stuff (Not Really).

I didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers or make anyone mad and question my way of thinking about safety, but if I did, it’s whatever. I can confidently to say that people that are concerned about my unsafe driving are voicing their opinion, it may be because they care or maybe they are just using this forum as way to bitch and moan. Who knows? I’m pretty sure its more on the care and concerned side. Because a lot of you that still think and care about the Gober clan it means a lot, from this point on I will do everything in my power to be a smarter and safer driver especially when I have precious cargo. Thanks for the eye opener.


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