I’m the type of driver that uses the left lane (the fast lane) for exactly that. If I feel like cruising then of course the obvious choice would be in the middle (depending on how many lanes) or the far right lane. Well, today my patience was tested on I-95. The family and I were on the way back from doing some sightseeing and getting our grub on. After leaving the “TOP SECRET” restaurant (only a few people know about this place and we will never tell the name or its location) I took the ramp that merged onto I-95. I was doing about 75mph, that’s after I merged onto the interstate of course. I decided that I didn’t want to go to fast so I chose to stay in the middle lane. At this point we’ve been on the interstate for approximately 2 miles now. (From the point I merged onto 1-95 to my exit ramp is a distance of about 20 miles). In my rearview mirror I see this minivan riding my ass.

At first I said to myself that they are just waiting for the left lane to clear and they are going to change lanes. After the left lane cleared this person stayed on my butt. At this point, my road rage meter is at about 6 out of 10. I loudly say why the hell is this person riding my butt? My wife says to me to calm down and the person will eventually go around. We are now 10 miles from my exit. At this point my road rage meter is done. I jump in the left lane speed up and the minivan does the same thing. My wife then asks me “what are you doing?” With a smile on my face, I say to her that I’m about to show this minivan what a BMW can do. After about traveling about 2 miles at about 110mph, I slowed down.

I get back into the middle lane and he passes me and while he passed he and his passenger looked at me with a face like yeah, we got you. I took it as a sign of disrespect and said it’s on. I let him get a good distance ahead of me so he would think that he “beat” me. I told my wife and kids to hold on, put the beamer in manual shift, hit the accelerator and took off. It took me no time to catch up to him, at this point I was doing about 115mph, then I politely pulled to his right side, glanced at him, gave he and his passenger a smile and took off. I didn’t see this guy again until I was slowing down to take my exit off of the interstate.

I know that this was not a very interesting story, but People Please, use the damn right lane to cruise in. The left lane is the fast lane, but if you want to get all technical with it, it’s really the passing lane. It upsets me that people just chill in the left lane and to top it off, they are either texting or talking on the phone. Either people don’t care about their safety or they don’t care about the laws. Its crazy how many people I see every single day, texting or talking on the phone while driving. But, that’s not the purpose of this post. Don’t use the left lane to cruise in! That’s what you do in the right lane!! On another note, why in the world would a older model Mazda minivan challenge a BMW? Who knows, maybe he thought I was a chump or something, but I showed him!!!!

Okay, now let’s get serious for a moment. I know that I broke some laws by speeding and possibly endangering the lives of my family and others. That is not the way to handle the situation. The best way to handle this situation is to get in the far right lane and let him pass. If he doesn’t pass you and you feel like you are being targeted, please call 911. I know that I tried to make this into a funny situation, but nothing would’ve been funny if I would’ve lost control of the car, I could killed myself and my family and not only that, at that speed who knows what other damage I could have caused. People, lets not be stupid. As I’ve said in previous post, I’m no saint and I will never claim to be and today is one of those days.


One thought on “XVI

  1. I would have just liked this but it asked me to login and stuff. It needs to be a fricken law! That’s usually why people speed like crazy to get around all the slow-butts in the wrong lanes, then again I’m just speaking from experience lol. As long as you’re being safe (safe speeding, I know), keep on keeping on!

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