I remember while in high school, some of my black friends would get mad at me or pick on me because I would hang out with other races other than my own. In addition to that they would pick on me because I listened to more than 1 genre of music. I did have black friends, but a lot of them were always getting into something or trying to stay up with every trend that was going on. I will admit, before I educated myself, I always thought that all white families had money. That is a very ignorant way of thinking don’t you think? From that point on I have always done my best not to have a “one track” mind. I don’t care what color you are, if I am able to relate to you and we have some of the same interest then I’m sure we would get along.

Its crazy that racism and stereotyping is still a problem in this day in age. People, its 2013 and we need to start looking at each other as human beings instead of separating ourselves by the colors of our skin or social status. I understand that we obviously all have different heritages and come from different backgrounds, but at the end of the day we are all human beings. I can say that the United States Military (All Branches Included) have done and continues to do a good job to make sure racism isn’t in the ranks. Don’t get me wrong, I know there is racism in the military, but they are making a conscious effort to get rid of it. When you are being shot at or that IED goes off under your vehicle, I’m sure you wouldn’t care what color the person was that comes to your aid.

Why can’t everybody look at each other as a human beings instead of the color of our skin? You know why, because people are stubborn. People hate change. Until we as human beings change our way of thinking about each other, prejudice and racism is going to continue to be apart of today’s society. Hopefully one day in the future we will live in a world where you are not judged by the color of your skin but by the content of your character.


2 thoughts on “14

    1. Top, you’re exactly right. I just hope that at some point in the future things do change. It may not be in our lifetime or our children’s, but hopefully in that era, the world will finally look past the color of ones skin people will be judged by their character.

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