Growing up as a child I always tried to keep up with what was going on locally and the world, whether it be by watching the news or taking a glance at the newspaper. As I have aged (a nice way of saying, I’m getting old) I now make a conscious effort to watch or read the news online daily. I used to get the newspaper delivered to my house, but do to them delivering when they felt like it or delivering to the wrong house I canceled the subscription. Also, I live in a small town so most of the news reported isn’t really news-worthy. I try to stay abreast of what’s going on in this world, because at one time or another I was in the thick of it. Meaning, I was either preparing to deploy or already deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. My intent for this Blog isn’t to blab about our involvement in world affairs (I have my opinion about that, but that will be expressed in the future) but what we as people consider news-worthy. When I say “we as people” I’m speaking about every human being on this planet we call earth. 

Almost every single day, you hear someone in the news talking about a celebrity driving a new car, buying some baller ass house or trying figure out the sex of a celebrity’s child. Is this really what people want to hear about? I know I don’t. This garbage has its place and I feel the major news networks should do better on what they report about. I would like to know the individual in these networks that give the “okay” on what is news-worthy and what isn’t. I would love to have that job! I honestly feel that the only thing that most major news networks care about nowadays is how many views they are getting. I am not putting them all in the same category, because some of them actually report about meaningful topics. A lot of news networks like to focus their every moment on the air talking about how bad the economy is, how bad of a job the president is doing or giving their opinion on what the military should do about the worlds problems. 

What I feel is news-worthy, I’m sure would be very different from what you think is. Everybody has their own opinions on what should be on the news and I am not going to get into that. In my opinion, I feel that news networks are competing with each other. That’s why on one station we see news about “Kanye West bumping his head on a pole” and on another network they are reporting that “Kim Kardashian is going to release the first picture of their child”. One network is trying to one-up the other.

I often find news that really matters on social networks, this is the news that I feel should be reported. Don’t take this as me bashing all news networks and they are doing a bad job, but it makes no sense that you have to almost rely on a social network to get news-worthy content. If you have read this far into this Blog, I know by now you are thinking, well Mr. Blogger what is the solution? My solution: Put “THE REGULARS” in charge of what should be on the news and what shouldn’t. Understand, that when I say “THE REGULARS, I am speaking about US, YOU and ME.


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