Before my Blog gets long and complicated, I think it’s only fair that I open up more about myself. There are many topics that I could talk about, but today I feel like telling the world more about ME. I won’t get all sappy and sad. I’ll get right down to the “nitty-gritty”. 

I don’t consider myself an “African-American”. I consider myself a “Black-American”.  Why you may ask? I was born in the United States which is on the continent of North America. I’m confident that if I conduct research of my lineage, I will find that I have relatives that originated from Africa, as well as other countries, who were brought to the United States of America due to the slave trade and other ventures. I am not denying my ancestry or trying to get into a race debate about my lineage, it’s just that in today’s society I think it’s unfair that Black-Americans continue to call themselves African. Let’s look at the president. President Barack Obama is an African-American. His father is from Africa and his mother is from the United States. I have a cousin that has a father that is from Africa and her mother, my Aunt is from the United States. Do I consider my cousin to be African-American, yes I do. 

I identify myself with my country of origin and not the continent of my ancestry. I am proud of my lineage and african ancestors. I’ve studied and heard stories from Black Americans about the struggles and sacrifices they endured during slavery and the Civil Rights Era and I am proud of the progress and accomplishments that have come from that. I want you, the reader, to understand that I, Jared Gober am not denouncing my race, ancestors or trying to spark a debate. All I am trying to do is paint a picture for you, the reader, on why I feel that I am a Black-American rather than an African-American. I know this subject is going to upset and make a lot of readers angry, but instead of being upset and angered, sit back and honestly ask yourself what I said that angered you? If you feel that I angered you in any way, please forward all your questions and comments to me. I am open to any questions, comments or conversations that you would like to have.

Please understand that these words are from ME and ME alone. I don’t claim to speak for or represent Black-Americans across the United States regarding this subject. These are MY words. 



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