First off, today’s blog will be A LOT shorter than yesterday’s.  I want to apologize about the length of it, but as you can tell I loved jumping out of planes. I am passionate about my military accomplishments and could talk all day about them.  I did get a chance to attend Jumpmaster School, but missed out due to missing a Major fault on the Jumpmaster Personnel Inspection (JMPI). EXPOSED CANOPY UNDER THE RESERVE……but on to today’s Blog……………

What motivates me? This may sound crazy to some, but NEGATIVITY motivates me. The reason I say negativity motivates me is because it forces me to work twice as hard to make that negative energy into something positive.  I LOVE proving people wrong.

People saying to me that I CAN’T do something is a HUGE motivator, before I explain that, I’m talking about something realistic, something that I think is tangible.  If you say to me that, “You can’t climb Mount Everest, I’m going say to you, you’re right, because that’s just something that I’m not interested in doing. Maybe one day, but at this point in my life it’s just something that I don’t want to do…….But I digress, back to the issue of People telling me I can’t do something. Hearing the words YOU CAN’T DO SOMETHING is constantly replaying in the back of my mind causing me to grind and give everything I have to make sure that I PROVE you wrong. Showing people that I CAN do what they said I COULDN’T and to see the “oh shit, he did it” expression, is such gratification. I LOVE IT!

Of course, an obvious motivator for me is CLOSE Friends and Family.  When I say close friends, these are people that I trust with my life, some of you may believe it or not, but it’s not many of you out there. I know someone out there is thinking that while you’re deployed, I had to trust many individuals that I barely knew with my life, so that means they are considered friends? NEGATIVE! If we have been on a battlefield together you aren’t considered a friend, you’re a BROTHER/SISTER in Arms. That’s a bond that is forged with fire, blood, sweat and tears. But back to friends, I have a complicated definition for the word “friend”. (That’s a Whole Blog in itself, it’s coming, I just need to gather all my thoughts on the subject.) This is the same for family. I’m talking about immediate family and friends that have surpassed the friend level and I have said to you that I consider you family. There are a lot of people that say that I am a brother to them, but truthfully, to some the feeling is not mutual. There are reasons why the feeling is not mutual.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DID OR DIDN’T DO!  

There are a million more things that motivate me, but I’m not going to put you to sleep today.


One thought on “VIII

  1. I love seeing that “oh shit, he did it” expression as well! When people can’t do something themselves, they try to tell you that you can’t do it. Keep pushing!

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