I remember while in high school, some of my black friends would get mad at me or pick on me because I would hang out with other races other than my own. In addition to that they would pick on me because I listened to more than 1 genre of music. I did have black friends, but a lot of them were always getting into something or trying to stay up with every trend that was going on. I will admit, before I educated myself, I always thought that all white families had money. That is a very ignorant way of thinking don’t you think? From that point on I have always done my best not to have a “one track” mind. I don’t care what color you are, if I am able to relate to you and we have some of the same interest then I’m sure we would get along.

Its crazy that racism and stereotyping is still a problem in this day in age. People, its 2013 and we need to start looking at each other as human beings instead of separating ourselves by the colors of our skin or social status. I understand that we obviously all have different heritages and come from different backgrounds, but at the end of the day we are all human beings. I can say that the United States Military (All Branches Included) have done and continues to do a good job to make sure racism isn’t in the ranks. Don’t get me wrong, I know there is racism in the military, but they are making a conscious effort to get rid of it. When you are being shot at or that IED goes off under your vehicle, I’m sure you wouldn’t care what color the person was that comes to your aid.

Why can’t everybody look at each other as a human beings instead of the color of our skin? You know why, because people are stubborn. People hate change. Until we as human beings change our way of thinking about each other, prejudice and racism is going to continue to be apart of today’s society. Hopefully one day in the future we will live in a world where you are not judged by the color of your skin but by the content of your character.


Growing up as a child I always tried to keep up with what was going on locally and the world, whether it be by watching the news or taking a glance at the newspaper. As I have aged (a nice way of saying, I’m getting old) I now make a conscious effort to watch or read the news online daily. I used to get the newspaper delivered to my house, but do to them delivering when they felt like it or delivering to the wrong house I canceled the subscription. Also, I live in a small town so most of the news reported isn’t really news-worthy. I try to stay abreast of what’s going on in this world, because at one time or another I was in the thick of it. Meaning, I was either preparing to deploy or already deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. My intent for this Blog isn’t to blab about our involvement in world affairs (I have my opinion about that, but that will be expressed in the future) but what we as people consider news-worthy. When I say “we as people” I’m speaking about every human being on this planet we call earth. 

Almost every single day, you hear someone in the news talking about a celebrity driving a new car, buying some baller ass house or trying figure out the sex of a celebrity’s child. Is this really what people want to hear about? I know I don’t. This garbage has its place and I feel the major news networks should do better on what they report about. I would like to know the individual in these networks that give the “okay” on what is news-worthy and what isn’t. I would love to have that job! I honestly feel that the only thing that most major news networks care about nowadays is how many views they are getting. I am not putting them all in the same category, because some of them actually report about meaningful topics. A lot of news networks like to focus their every moment on the air talking about how bad the economy is, how bad of a job the president is doing or giving their opinion on what the military should do about the worlds problems. 

What I feel is news-worthy, I’m sure would be very different from what you think is. Everybody has their own opinions on what should be on the news and I am not going to get into that. In my opinion, I feel that news networks are competing with each other. That’s why on one station we see news about “Kanye West bumping his head on a pole” and on another network they are reporting that “Kim Kardashian is going to release the first picture of their child”. One network is trying to one-up the other.

I often find news that really matters on social networks, this is the news that I feel should be reported. Don’t take this as me bashing all news networks and they are doing a bad job, but it makes no sense that you have to almost rely on a social network to get news-worthy content. If you have read this far into this Blog, I know by now you are thinking, well Mr. Blogger what is the solution? My solution: Put “THE REGULARS” in charge of what should be on the news and what shouldn’t. Understand, that when I say “THE REGULARS, I am speaking about US, YOU and ME.


Since retiring from the military, I have had the chance to watch more television and surf the internet a lot more than I used to. Because of my extra time, I’ve seen more than my fair share of infomercials and commercials. Companies today are making claims to make something you do or encounter in your everyday life that usually takes a good bit of your time, they claim they can make it happen in an instant. These same companies are spending millions upon millions to attack all 5 of our senses with their advertisements to get us to believe that their product will give us the results we want instantly. They do it by making catchy jingles for the radio, making commercials funny and unforgettable, giving away free samples through the mail or letting you get a taste of an instant product while you’re shopping in the supermarket. They also are willing to spend millions to have the Top Earners in Sales to give seminars to their company on how to get to exploit the weakness of the consumer.

This is not only happening in the business world, it’s happening in the fitness/weight-loss world as well. They entice you by telling you that you can get this “revolutionary instant product” for free or they will let you tryout this “instant product” for 30 days, but before you are allowed to receive your magical potion for free you have to complete steps 1, 2, and 3. What they are not telling you and not letting you read is the small print. Basically, one way or another they will get their money and meet their quota whether it be by you “pushing” the product or you, yourself will be biting the bullet and paying for this magical potion out of your own pocket. Not only are you involved in this deep, you have family and friends (people that trusted you) involved in this crazy situation all because you were only focused on the end result, forgetting that there is a long road ahead before you can get “comfortable”.

I hear people complaining all the time that they want to lose weight and they are patiently waiting for the next “instant” product instead of putting in the hard work, blood, sweat and tears to lose the weight, they want it gone now. I am speaking from experience. Instead of using that money to buy that instant product, invest that money by purchasing a gym membership. Most of the time you will come out cheaper purchasing the gym membership than buying that magical “instant” weight-loss potion. If you don’t have the money to buy a gym membership, then you need to reevaluate your situation, because investing into something that you really know nothing about or don’t have someone willing to set you up for success, isn’t a smart idea. It takes time to build that type of empire. Here’s a great idea, get off your lazy butt and do something physical. Take a walk, ride a bike or instead of using the riding lawnmower to cut the grass, use the push mower to get the work done. You have to start small. Eventually you will get the results you want. There are two key words that most people overlook or just don’t care about when it comes to hard work they’re called Self Motivation and Discipline. That is the only thing that will get you through your hardest moments.

We, as a society, needs to slow down. Sometimes the old way is the best way to do it, if you want to get the best results. If we as a society continue with this “instant” attitude, the old way is going to fade away and be lost forever. Then what are we left with? Not a damn thing. 



Here’s an interesting fact about me that you may not know. I’m a NERD. When you see the word Nerd, don’t think of the “traditional” nerd. You know, glasses, high-water pants and pocket protector. This may be funny to you, but I think of myself as a “COOL” nerd. One of the main reasons why I consider myself a nerd is because I love watching National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, Investigation Discovery and many other channels that I wish not to disclose at this time.

On most days, when I have a chance to relax and watch these channels it’s after I drop the girls off at school. Well, this morning after I dropped the girls off, I tuned in to watch a recorded show of Doomsday Preppers. Let’s not forget that I am home alone. Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t no punk, but as the narrator started talking about the end of days and how marauders will be attacking your house trying to take everything you have, I paused the DVR, got up from my chair, walked to all three doors in the house to make sure they were locked and set the alarm. I also went to every window just to make sure they were closed and locked. YES……..I did this!

***My transition here is rough, so bare with me. ***

Sit back, relax and close your eyes (don’t really close your eyes) and take a mental stroll with me. Growing up, my family was very, very religious. When I say religious this is what I mean: If the church doors were open, guess what? We were there. Sunday morning service, Sunday night service, Wednesday night service, if there was a revival going on we were there (if you don’t know what a revival is, it’s where you have a whole bunch of churches that get together, you have a guest preacher come preach. The purpose is to get people that don’t normally attend church to become a member, most revivals last about a week). You get my point. As an adult, I have strayed away from my religious upbringing. I still think I have a strong relationship with God, but it’s different from when I was growing up. I do pray, but it may not be the traditional way of praying, but he knows my heart.

I’ve said all that to say this, I do believe that the world is going to come to an end. When? No one knows. I strongly believe that NO ONE person on this earth can predict when it’s going to end. As we all saw on December 21, 2012, what happened? Nothing. Everything continued as they were supposed to. On December 31, 2012 everyone continued on with whatever it is they do to celebrate the New Year. I believe that the Mayans just got tired of writing and stopped at that date. Who would want to write that much, really? This is my opinion, I feel If Preppers think that they have to stockpile food, ammunition, weapons and build themselves a bunker to make themselves feel better then who am I to judge? Everyone has a right to believe in who and whatever they want, I see it as entertaining television.

Don’t take this blog as me trying to preach to you or force religion down your throat. That’s not the point I’m trying to make. I’m giving you my point of view based on how I was brought up and how the bible was taught to me. I am still a strong believer in God and the bible and try to live my life in the most positive way possible. I am not a saint and I will never claim to be. My wife and I strive everyday to set a positive example for our girls. I’m not going to force religion on them like it was on me. My goal at the end of the day is for them to know that there is a higher power that is in control and he controls our fate.



With the support of an awesome wife and a SELECT group of friends that really care what I have to say, I am proud to be writing my 10th Blog. This is a big step for me. I know that there are individuals out there that wish I would just shut up and wouldn’t care if I fell off the face of the earth. Guess what, right now, at this moment I HONESTLY from the bottom of my heart, COULD GIVE 2 SHITS about your opinion.

When I first started this Blog last week, I was seriously trying to write and cater to an audience and trying to spark a conversation instead of saying what was really on MY mind. I was trying to get views. After brainstorming and composing my 2nd Blog, I asked myself, what is the purpose of my Blog? Why am I trying to “people please”? Trying to please everyone, make everyone happy and give each reader the “warm and fuzzy” is impossible. Some readers are saying, he’s not going to last and continue to be serious about it; or give him time, he will give up. The Regulars is here to stay. For those that said I couldn’t or wouldn’t stay dedicated to this blog, thus far, I have proved you wrong!

I know a lot of you are saying, “ohh, it’s your 10th Blog, what an accomplishment!!” This is a HUGE accomplishment for me. This is something, other than my family or job that I have given 100% and committed to. It takes a lot to be a full time parent, husband, best friend, coach and still have time to put my thoughts out for the world to see. I’m a private person and like to stay to myself. My only worries are about my family and close friends. I challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone and give this blog thing a shot. I think I’m doing pretty good so far. I know some of you only tuned in to see me write about gossip, music, trends, etc. Don’t worry, it all has its place. When I feel inspired to write about it, I will. 

I am proud to say that I have stepped out of my comfort zone and accomplished a goal. Just because I am making a big deal about my 10th Blog doesn’t mean that I am going to start catering to the reader. This is just to make you, the reader, aware that you are going to continue to get the “raw, uncut” ME. 


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Before my Blog gets long and complicated, I think it’s only fair that I open up more about myself. There are many topics that I could talk about, but today I feel like telling the world more about ME. I won’t get all sappy and sad. I’ll get right down to the “nitty-gritty”. 

I don’t consider myself an “African-American”. I consider myself a “Black-American”.  Why you may ask? I was born in the United States which is on the continent of North America. I’m confident that if I conduct research of my lineage, I will find that I have relatives that originated from Africa, as well as other countries, who were brought to the United States of America due to the slave trade and other ventures. I am not denying my ancestry or trying to get into a race debate about my lineage, it’s just that in today’s society I…

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Before my Blog gets long and complicated, I think it’s only fair that I open up more about myself. There are many topics that I could talk about, but today I feel like telling the world more about ME. I won’t get all sappy and sad. I’ll get right down to the “nitty-gritty”. 

I don’t consider myself an “African-American”. I consider myself a “Black-American”.  Why you may ask? I was born in the United States which is on the continent of North America. I’m confident that if I conduct research of my lineage, I will find that I have relatives that originated from Africa, as well as other countries, who were brought to the United States of America due to the slave trade and other ventures. I am not denying my ancestry or trying to get into a race debate about my lineage, it’s just that in today’s society I think it’s unfair that Black-Americans continue to call themselves African. Let’s look at the president. President Barack Obama is an African-American. His father is from Africa and his mother is from the United States. I have a cousin that has a father that is from Africa and her mother, my Aunt is from the United States. Do I consider my cousin to be African-American, yes I do. 

I identify myself with my country of origin and not the continent of my ancestry. I am proud of my lineage and african ancestors. I’ve studied and heard stories from Black Americans about the struggles and sacrifices they endured during slavery and the Civil Rights Era and I am proud of the progress and accomplishments that have come from that. I want you, the reader, to understand that I, Jared Gober am not denouncing my race, ancestors or trying to spark a debate. All I am trying to do is paint a picture for you, the reader, on why I feel that I am a Black-American rather than an African-American. I know this subject is going to upset and make a lot of readers angry, but instead of being upset and angered, sit back and honestly ask yourself what I said that angered you? If you feel that I angered you in any way, please forward all your questions and comments to me. I am open to any questions, comments or conversations that you would like to have.

Please understand that these words are from ME and ME alone. I don’t claim to speak for or represent Black-Americans across the United States regarding this subject. These are MY words. 



First off, today’s blog will be A LOT shorter than yesterday’s.  I want to apologize about the length of it, but as you can tell I loved jumping out of planes. I am passionate about my military accomplishments and could talk all day about them.  I did get a chance to attend Jumpmaster School, but missed out due to missing a Major fault on the Jumpmaster Personnel Inspection (JMPI). EXPOSED CANOPY UNDER THE RESERVE……but on to today’s Blog……………

What motivates me? This may sound crazy to some, but NEGATIVITY motivates me. The reason I say negativity motivates me is because it forces me to work twice as hard to make that negative energy into something positive.  I LOVE proving people wrong.

People saying to me that I CAN’T do something is a HUGE motivator, before I explain that, I’m talking about something realistic, something that I think is tangible.  If you say to me that, “You can’t climb Mount Everest, I’m going say to you, you’re right, because that’s just something that I’m not interested in doing. Maybe one day, but at this point in my life it’s just something that I don’t want to do…….But I digress, back to the issue of People telling me I can’t do something. Hearing the words YOU CAN’T DO SOMETHING is constantly replaying in the back of my mind causing me to grind and give everything I have to make sure that I PROVE you wrong. Showing people that I CAN do what they said I COULDN’T and to see the “oh shit, he did it” expression, is such gratification. I LOVE IT!

Of course, an obvious motivator for me is CLOSE Friends and Family.  When I say close friends, these are people that I trust with my life, some of you may believe it or not, but it’s not many of you out there. I know someone out there is thinking that while you’re deployed, I had to trust many individuals that I barely knew with my life, so that means they are considered friends? NEGATIVE! If we have been on a battlefield together you aren’t considered a friend, you’re a BROTHER/SISTER in Arms. That’s a bond that is forged with fire, blood, sweat and tears. But back to friends, I have a complicated definition for the word “friend”. (That’s a Whole Blog in itself, it’s coming, I just need to gather all my thoughts on the subject.) This is the same for family. I’m talking about immediate family and friends that have surpassed the friend level and I have said to you that I consider you family. There are a lot of people that say that I am a brother to them, but truthfully, to some the feeling is not mutual. There are reasons why the feeling is not mutual.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DID OR DIDN’T DO!  

There are a million more things that motivate me, but I’m not going to put you to sleep today.


The humming of the 4 roaring engines is loud. The plane is still on the Tarmac (runway). To the right and left of you is a guy with this heavy ass parachute on his back and a bulky reserve on the front. Luckily today wasn’t a combat equipment jump, so you have a little knee room. This C-130 packed tight with 64 Highly Motivated Combat Ready Troopers Ready to Jump! The reason why we are still on the runway is because they are trying to wait for the winds on the drop zone to die down. You look at the Primary and Assistant Jumpmaster and they say the winds on the drop-zone are 20 knots, then 2 minutes later the Airborne Commander says they have died down to 5 knots. Bullshit and you know it, everybody knows it, but fuck it. The jump is a Go. Engines of the C-130 are spinning faster and faster, all of a sudden you get thrust towards the ass end of the plane. The plane takes flight. During the pre-jump brief, the brief was to hit the Time On Target (TOT) conduct racetracks for any jumper that didn’t get out before the RED Light, then land load up another chalk of troopers and do it over again until everyone had a chance to jump. There’s only one problem, we’re in Germany, it’s snowing, visibility is .5 mile, and the Aircraft doesn’t have the Adverse Weather Aerial Delivery System (AWADS). You patiently sit there and wait for a break in the weather. Everyone that has been Airborne for a day or two and has jumped in Germany knows it could go 1 or 2 ways, it could clear up and the jump happens or the jump is scratched. If the jump is scratched everything has to be put back into storing configuration to be taken back to the Parachute Riggers for storage. The Forecast from the mighty Air Force guys are speaking to the Airborne Commander telling him that there is going to be a break in the weather so the jump will go as planned with a few adjustments of the TOT and also depends on how much fuel is on the aircraft and also the Air Forces strict policy of crew rest.

The 2 C-130’s on the tarmac are ready for take off. As soon as they get the all clear from the tower and permission to take off it’s on!! The Air Control Tower finally gives the all clear and permission for departure and the 2 aircrafts finally get airborne. Cruising altitude for this jump is going to be 1200ft (Above Ground Level (AGL). Flight time to the drop-zone is approximately 40 minutes so, roughly you have a chance to take a 20 minute nap or do what paratroopers while in flight. Just as you’re comfortable, All of a sudden you hear the Primary and Assistant Jumpmasters issue the “20 Minutes” warning. At this point it’s time to wake the fuck up, because shit is about to get real. You unbuckle your seatbelt and try to get enough space so you’re ready for the next command. The Primary and Assistant Jumpmasters issue the “10 minute” warning. Now it’s time to put your game face on, because it is about to go down.

Next Command: Outboard Personnel Stand Up/ Inboard Personnel Stand up (You stand up, secure your seat and face the aft end of the aircraft, that’s where the Jumpmasters are located)

Next Command: Hook Up (take your snap hook and secure it to the anchor line cable)

Next Command: Check Static Line (ensure you have the proper bite, holding your static line you should be able to stick 2 fingers in the loop of the bite)

Next Command: Check Equipment (ensure your Advanced Combat Helmet [ACH] is fastened and it is snug on your head; check your chest strap to make sure it is still buckled; check your reserve parachute safety pin is bent down; check your thigh straps to make sure they’re snug and still hooked and locked in place; adjust and ensure your aviators kit bag is positioned correctly; finally check the back of the ACH of the jumper in front of you to make sure there isn’t any foreign objects hanging that could possibly injure them and make sure their Neck Armor Protective Enhancement (NAPE) Pad is positioned correctly; then ensure there isn’t access static line hanging from their parachute and the cotton loop is secured and no canopy is exposed)

Next Command: Sound off for Equipment Check.
(starts from the last jumper sounding off with a loud and thunderous “OKAY” while slapping the back of the jumpers parachute in front of you and it’s repeated by every jumper as it makes its way to the 1st jumper who then sticks his hand out with all fingers extended and joined, points to the Jumpmaster and says “ALL OKAY JUMPMASTER” and the Jumpmaster then slaps the hand of the first jumper confirming that everything is okay.)
••••While this step is in progress the Jumpmaster Safety is making his way from the last jumper in the chalk ensuring all jumpers have the proper bite, the opposite hand not holding the static line is covering your rip cord on your reserve parachute, and also instructing you to make eye contact with the Jumpmaster Safety before releasing your static line.••••

Once that is complete the Jumpmaster faces the Air Force Loadmaster. The Loadmaster opens the paratroop door, locks it in place, kicks out the jump platform locks it into place, leans outside the aircraft to ensure the wind deflector is deployed, conducts a quick check of the edge of the paratroop door, leans out to ensure there are no obstructions or anomalies that would injure a jumper or halt that chalk from exiting. Once the Loadmaster has completed his required checks he then gives control of the door to the Army Jumpmaster by saying “ARMY, YOUR DOOR”.

The Jumpmaster, looks at the Safety and says, “SAFETY SECURE MY STATIC LINE”. Once the Safety has positive control of the Jumpmasters static line, the Jumpmaster rotates into the paratroop door, checks the Pip pin to ensure that the paratroop door is secure, then he traces his hand down lead edge of the door to the lock and back up, then conducts the same check on the trail edge of the door to ensure there are no sharp objects that could cut a static line or injure a jumper while the jumper exits the aircraft. He then kicks lock on the lead edge of the jump platform to ensure its locked on place and does the same on the trail edge lock. After checking the trail edge lock on the jump platform he firmly places his lead foot on the jump platform to ensure it is locked in place. Once he has done this, he leans slightly looking toward the lead edge of the door to ensure the wind deflector is engaged, after he confirms that the wind deflector is engaged he conducts his 1st clear to the rear, this is done by leaning outside of the aircraft. The Jumpmaster is looking for any obstructions, anomalies and for anything that looks out of place. Also conducting a 360 degree check for aircraft that may be flying too close above, below and to the rear of his aircraft. He leans back in makes eye contact with the Assistant Jumpmaster and a thumbs up is given to each other to ensure that nothing unsafe or out of the ordinary was spotted that could halt the Airborne Operation.

At this point the Jumpmaster is looking for the 1 minute reference point on the ground. Once the 1 minute reference point is found, they make eye contact and give a thumbs up acknowledging they found the 1 minute reference point then issue the “1 minute warning”. Now the Jumpmaster is looking for the 30 second reference point. Once the 30 second reference point is found, he makes eye contact with the Assistant Jumpmaster and a thumbs up is given acknowledging the 30 second reference point is found then they issue the “30 second warning”. After the 30 second warning is given the Jumpmasters conduct the final clear to the rear looking for any obstructions, anomalies and conducts the last 360 degree looking for any aircraft following to close above, below and to the rear of their aircraft. He is also looking for the lead edge of the drop zone. Once the 360 degree check is done and both Jumpmasters identify the lead edge of the drop zone, they return to the inside of the aircraft make eye contact and a thumbs up is given, the Jumpmasters issue the last command “STAND BY”.

The first jumper rotates into the door awaiting the greenlight and a strong pat on the back from the Jumpmaster. Greenlight comes on, The Primary Jumpmaster gives the command of GO. After the Primary Jumpmaster let’s his first jumper exit the Assistant Jumpmaster gives his 1st jumper the command “GO”. This done to have a 1 to 2 second interval between exits on both doors. When a jumper exits the aircraft he counts: 1 thousand, 2 thousand, 3 thousand, 4 thousand. At the end of the 4 thousand count, the jumper checks his canopy and gain canopy control, next the jumper checks to ensure there are no huge wholes or gores in the canopy. The jumper is to lookout for fellow jumpers, if jumpers get too close they are to pull the appropriate set of risers and slip away.

At approximately 200ft above the ground the jumper is to prepare to land. Depending on wind direction the jumper will pull the appropriate set of risers and prepare to land, by keeping feet and knees together and chin on chest and pray. Once all paratroopers have exited the aircraft the Primary Jumpmaster is the last one to exit. Once you hit the ground, check to make sure everything is still working, pack up your chute go to the chute turn-in point and get on the bus to sleep for the 4 hour trip back to good ol’ CONN Barracks!



It’s taken me my whole life to feel this comfortable to tell you this.  So here it goes, why did you leave?  Was I not good enough?  Not the boy you wanted me to turn out to be?  Well guess what?  Its taken every damn breath in my body to say I Forgive you.  Because you never taught me anything, I learned how to do what was needed to be done on my own.  I strive every fucking day NOT to be like you!  It sucks that I can’t tell you this to your face, but this is the best way for me to get this shit off my chest.  When I needed you, you were some where in the United States shacking up with some woman.  I strive everyday to be a better man than you.  You know how many nights I cried because I missed you?  No you don’t, because you didn’t give a shit!!  It’s all good now.  I’m showing you how to be a man.  You know, I’m a man now, but the shit still fucking hurts! But, I am now man enough to forgive and forget. I know you will never ever see this, one day I’ll be able to say all this to your face.  I’m the type of man that doesn’t run from his problems.  I man up and handle mine.  To say I love you is hard.  You didn’t teach me how to do that.  You showed me how to bang on a woman and cuss her out, but that’s not Jared J. Gober.  This guy here, is a proud family man, that wouldn’t put a hand on his queen. You are something else.  One day, everything will be lined up and we will be face to face to get this out.  I can’t hold it any longer.  Holding on to it is only making me a bad father, no no, not me!!  All I want from you is for you to man up and be real with me.  No Bullshit! No Lies!! That’s it.